Five frugal things on a Friday

Hello Dear Reader,

Another thrifty week. I had some cooked turkey in the freezer and rustled up a turkey and leek bake that fed us for two days. I cooked some brisket on Sunday that gave us Sunday lunch and two more meals. I hardly had to touch the meal plan and there’s plenty left in the freezer for other days. 

I managed to dry all the laundry either outside or on the clothes racks this year. I’ve been really careful with water and we’ve been consciously frugal with water. Our water, in our region, is the most expensive in the U.K. and we have to ration it but we’ve reduced our bill by a third by just being careful. This means I’ve been able to reduce the monthly direct debit and move the difference into savings. 

A tiny saving, but a saving nonetheless, is our foil scrimping. I reuse the foil I had over the toasting joint and then wrapped my sandwichs all week. When the foil runs out, we use the cheapest foil, that doesn’t even have a box and refill. I don’t find any difference between the cheapest foil and any other.

We’ve heated ourselves with our wood stove and used water we’ve heated on top to wash the dishes. 

Friday night was all about the fake away. Egg fried rice and sweet and sour chicken. I had chicken on the menu plan that became our Friday night treat.

The frugal fast ended and I’ve done some Christmas shopping, found the best deal I could and paid for home insurance renewal and topped up my work wardrobe with two new tops for £8. I spent all of my £40 spending budget this week on groceries, clothes and a couple of Christmas presents. 

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxx


5 thoughts on “Five frugal things on a Friday

  1. My most recents frugal efforts have earned me some happy moments. I have been able to transfer my cat onto a different food. I researched first and started slow. Now Instead of paying $58 fro 3.5 kilos of food I am paying $33 for 12 kilos of food. We continue to eat at home and buy meat as cheaply as we can. It is so hot and humid here now but we are trying fans before air conditioning as much as possible. My daughter has taken to storing her lip gloss in the fridge. We have been very diligent about electricity usage. Our last bill was under $41 a quarter. We have solar and if you are clever you can truly save.

    Keep up the great work everyone.


  2. Recently found out we are going our water is going to be metered. No choice as we live in a water stressed area. Would appreciate your tips FQ on how to cut our usage as I fear the bill is going to get bigger. Thanks.


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