Sunrise, sunset.

Hello Dear Reader,

We’re having such lovely weather this week and I’ve hung my laundry out at dawn with the outside light still illuminating the garden. I wash it the night before in readiness. As an outdoor dryer, I keep a keen eye on the weather forecast and wash on those days. This morning, the weather went out at six in the morning.

As we get home at dusk as the dew has begun to form the washing comes in and dries in the warmth of the dining room or the lounge. We’ve no fire lit tonight as the weather is warm and the dining room is always warm.

As the winter progresses, it’s not unheard of for us to hang out the washing by torchlight and collect it in the same manner. Still, nothing beats the smell of line dried washing.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxx


20 thoughts on “Sunrise, sunset.

  1. great post. I wish I could hang out laundry however I am so allergic to most things outside that it would cause me more problems. I guess indoor drying could be done but I don’t think my hubby would like that.


  2. we get no sun for most of the day from mid September to mid March in our garden but I was able to dry some sheets outside today – never ever been able to do that in November before


  3. Morning Froogs,
    I love the smell of clothes dried in sunshine, I especially love getting into line dried sheets, simple things, hey! We are lucky to have sunshine most of the time in Queensland, Australia, so drying the washing is never an issue however we miss the rain terribly. I grow a lot of plants in pots and I am always out there hand watering. The Pros and cons of weather! Have a wonderful day.


  4. HA! So I am not the only one to hang the wash by spotlight, taking it in with the same! I do so miss my outside lines, but make do with mutliple clothes horses and a tripod type stand to hang items on hangers..It’s a blight to hang outside @@, so in front of the sliders it is, windows open when possible.


      • I an renting an attached townhouse condo. Very small patio out back, so no garden. I am flanked on both sides, the condos are 10 years old so hoping that the heating will be affordable. We do have 2 zones, gas central heat, gas fireplace which we have used a few times, it hears the place up nicely.


  5. Glad I’m not the only one who hangs out washing at night! Often amazed at how dry it can be in the morning if there has been a light breeze overnight,


  6. It’s great to hear that I’m not the only one hanging out very early morning (sometimes even the really late the night before) and leaving to dry throughout the day. It takes a little effort but I love the smell of freshly line dried items. It’s especially good for the cloth nappies!


  7. I have a street light at the corner of my garden near my clothes line, so I can hang out the laundy even when it is still dark. What I like especially is drying outside when the temperature is below zero. The laundry freezes, and when it is no loger stiff but flapping in the wind you know that it is freeze-dried. The comments of passers-by about my frozen laundry are always great fun.

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  8. Dear Jane, this is a message for you. I recently bought a flanellette duvet cover with 2 pillow cases and by mistake purchased a double rather than a king size one. (My husband is 6’4″ tall!) I washed them all before attempting to put them on over the king size duvet. Of course no use to me whatsoever. Would you like them? Would they do to keep you warm in Brittany? They are good quality and are purple and cream stripe. I would be most happy to post them to you and pay the postage. Part of my giving in November. You have my email address if you do. Kind Regards Linda aka Alicesav ( my grandma’s name) x


  9. I do this too! The only problem that I find with drying the clothes outside is that I can never tell if they are still wet or just cold!


  10. I have given up hanging clothes outside, I don’t have a washing line just a standing airer which doesn’t really succeed in getting anything dry. I always wash overnight when its cheaper, but then end up using the tumble dryer during the day as the garage door has to stay open whilst its on. We get so much condensation in our house, that to bring the wet washing in to dry would be disastrous!


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