Could you help?

Hello Dear Reader,

It’s November tomorrow but I’m not going to keep going with my fiscal fast. I’m going to take part in the #30dayfestivefoodbank…join in, if you’d like.

It seems such a small, almost insignificant gesture but I’d like to try.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxxx


38 thoughts on “Could you help?

  1. I’m in! And, having watched “I, Daniel Blake” yesterday, I will be including sanitary products in my toiletries donations – it seems that they are often overlooked and therefore Foodbanks have limited supplies to offer – perhaps others may consider doing this too?


  2. Wow Froogs, didn’t know about this. You have inspired me to help others have a better Christmas this year. Count me in. I love your blog by the way, a long time lurker πŸ˜€


  3. Worth checking as well with homeless charities if you have special things to donate rather than pass them to charity shops as everyday items. I managed to give a beautiful Rohan coat away today to a woman’s refuge which is too big for me now but in perfect condition and I paid Β£200 for. Added in hat, scarf and gloves so someone in great need will be warm and smart. I was so happy when this happened. It took a couple of emails so not a lot of effort but a great result. xx


  4. More than happy to donate to a food bank. Please consider donating items of pet food as many people are forced to give up their pets if they lose their job. Pets might by considered a luxury to some people but to those living alone they really do offer a lifeline.


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