Weekly menu plan

Hello Dear Reader,

Here’s our plan for the week.

Sticky belly pork with veggie rice – quite simple, honey, sweet chilli sauce, squirt of soy sauce no marinade, cook in a covered dish for thirty minutes. 

Slow cooked beef brisket, roast potatoes and plenty of vegetables – twice and leftovers for lunch. Slow cook with nothing but water, salt and pepper. 

Turkey ragu sauce with gluten free pasta.

Lemon chicken with cauliflower rice and peas. Cut chicken breasts in half and sauté in butter with lemon zest, finish with a squirt of lemon juice. To create a sauce, thicken with Greek style yogurt. 

Chicken Caesar salad with GF croutons – cut chicken into cubes, dry fry in a non stick pan. Green salad, homemade croutons and drizzle with Caesar salad sauce – I use the 85p bottle from Aldi.

Lentil soup and crusty bread rolls – sauté onions, 100g chopped bacon, one butternut squash, add a cup of red lentil and litre of chicken stock, cook until smooth- I like this chunky. 

Lunches will be salad, leftovers or a sandwich. For breakfast, we often have poached eggs and a bit of toast. 

Now, this isn’t fixed in stone. The chicken Caesar could become chicken stew, steamed chicken with tomatoe sauce or a mid week roast. 

That’ll do!

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxx


3 thoughts on “Weekly menu plan

  1. Sounds good! Since I am working still and hubby is retired he is cooking these days, we buy food together, talk about possible menu choices and then he tosses things together and it usually comes out ok, makes dinner time more ‘entertaining’! It is nice to come home to a meal on the table, especially as it is getting cooler. He’s doing the dishes as well so it’s all good!


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