Five frugal things 


Hello Dear Reader,

Here’s my weekly round up along with my five frugal things.

I’ve had a search around the freeads to see what was actually free and we collected an under counter fridge for the gap in the kitchen. We are now on the search for a free under counter freezer or small chest freezer and or a dish washer depending on which we find first. We could do with either but can also do without, hence why we are on the look out for free instead of going out and buying.

We have broken our frugal fast twice and on both occasions kept within our weekly food budget just because we have a very well stocked freezer. We went to the local charity shops in Saltash and I bought five bath towels for £5.50. We also bought a Bodum coffee jug to replace ours which was broken and a Christmas present. I always buy towels in charity shops and always pay a fifth of the new price.


I’ve also make Christmas pudding and Christmas cake, both of which are gluten free and have saved us a fortune. Even the tiniest GF at 100g (my pudding is 1 kilo) is around £1.50. A gluten free Christmas cake, at the same size as mine, would cost over £20. Mine were a fraction of that price. So we spent money but it saved us money. I kept it thrifty as I shopped for different ingredients over the preceding weeks, one week I bought dark soft sugar, another week,  I bought a half bottle of brandy and so on. It meant I kept in budget each week.


I’ve also refreshed the utility room and outside loo for the cost of a tin of floor paint and painted the walls with paint we already had. It was a thrifty was to tidy the place up.


It’s been really warm here all week so we haven’t used the central heating yet and have lit our wood burner in the evening.

We had a trip out yesterday and went to see I, Daniel Blake which has stirred my resolve to do something purposeful and useful and have spent today going through clothes that we can send to the local clothing bank as well as sorting out tinned goods we can send to the food bank collection in the local supermarket. We found they needed rice pudding, tinned fish and fruit juice so we took some to the collection point.

It’s the 1st November on Tuesday which means the end of my sticking to just my food and car fuel budget. I have three presents to buy and then I’m done for Christmas. I have a whole heap of things to save up for including ferry crossings, home insurance for two houses and to look again at my energy deals.

Staying on budget does require attention but so far, we’re doing fine.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxx



15 thoughts on “Five frugal things 

  1. Charity shops are wonderful but car boot sales are better here in Worcester have bought Xmas presents that have been opened and just looked at
    You must check out an austrailian website called cheapskates ub it’s brilliant


  2. I was inspired by a comment here on another post to not buy any new Christmas cards/stamps this year, and to donate what I would have spent to a local food bank. I do have some cards and stamps left over from last year that I will use, but nothing new.

    I have one present to buy for my 11 year old goddaughter. That’s it, aside from some baked goods I make.


  3. I second buying towels, and anything else needed, whenever possible at second hand shops. I believe that all of my towels are second hand, qood quality, name brands etc. Should anything happen to then that mending won’t solve, no harm done, I paid so little while others pay significantly more than I do for theirs. My bargains work just fine, thanks.


  4. Hi, over the last few months l have been working on Christmas presents and have managed to buy the majority from charity shops, local fund raisers, no more than a five pound note has been spent on each one. It means to me at least I’ve kept it local and the big shops loose cos they ain’t local!!!!! ta dhaaa😏


  5. I,’ve just come across your blog and love it. Great tips for me here. I,’ve had an austerity October and have got back on track after a spending September. All thanks to you. Look forward to reading your blog for future guidance. All the best.


  6. Hi a comment regarding yesterdays post about poverty and pets. If you insure your pet with the PDSA then 25% of the premium that you pay goes to the charity.


  7. Have just made the frugal Christmas pudding recipe from one of your posts from 2012. Had enough mix left over to make a couple of ramekin sized ones for hubby to eat before the big day – he loves Christmas pud!
    Haven’t made a pud for years but we are having a big family get together this Christmas and one of our family members has a terrible reaction to palm oil, so can’t have a shop bought pudding. Even the ‘free from’ puddings contain it!


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