Order now in time for Christmas


Hello Dear Reader,

I’ve blown raspberries, I’ve thrown slippers, I’ve shouted and frowned and I’ve thoroughly tutted. I may be wrong but I’m sure I need neither a new dining suite or sofas with matching cushions that if I order now and if I’m lucky, I’ll have delivered in time for Christmas. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not perfect and will not be hand weaving an organic Christmas myself and love a bit of cake, a glass of wine and a well stuffed turkey not to mention a few days off with my feet up in front of the fire. My immediate family will get a present and the fluffies will get a new chewy each. I’m also not suggesting that you don’t buy a new sofa or any other thing you decide to buy new. What I might suggest if you want to freshen up your home or just fancy a change is to do any of the following.

Take a look at going free in free ads or other online give aways. I picked up a fridge on Tuesday and there were plenty of household items available from cookers, sofas, tables and bedroom furniture. People are just happy that someone comes round, collects it and getts it out of their house.

Local buyers and sellers on Facebook. I’m signed up to all of my local groups and I keep my eyes open and they are usually big items that you need to collect. You can also send a message, ask for more photos or ask if you can pop round and see the item for yourself. You can also put a request out for something you’re looking for. 

There’s always eBay but don’t go direct to eBay itself but search for local items through Bay Crazy and then set a limit to the amount you want to pay. 

There are charity shops that sell furniture and household items although I’m often frustrated that they charge so much and I wonder who can afford them.

There are also some fantastic local community projects who recycle furniture, electrical, bedding, clothing, toys, baby equipment and we recycle everything we can to them. They don’t have fixed prices. People with financial difficulties can make a donation of what they can afford and the rest of us can pay what they ask but even then, it’ll be cheaper than anywhere else. Here is Liskeard we have http://www.recycleandrenewing and Community Treasure chest who will collect and distribute household items and they do everything to save anything recyclable from landfill.

So, go ahead and change your house around. Swap your curtains from one room to another, buy some paint and paint some secondhand furniture, recover some cushions, throw a quilt over a sofa, recycle what you have and replace it with something you got for free or bought cheaply secondhand. You’d also be surprised how much a deep clean, declutter and a coat of paint can do to make a house feel new and fresh.

So, ring the changes and posh up your pad for Christmas if that’s what you want but think about all the ways you can do it on a budget, with some concerns for recycling and without feeding the money monster! 

I’d love to hear about recycling projects in your area, Facebook groups, local ads or bargains you’ve bought secondhand or for free from freecycle. 

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxxx


9 thoughts on “Order now in time for Christmas

  1. We are moving soon and seriously downsizing. Our furniture is mainly too large for our new home and also we have too many pieces to fit in so we are donating several items to ” re- furnish ” who sell it at very reasonable prices to those on low incomes and benefits. We could have sold it all as it is in good condition but we will be fortunate to have some money left after selling and buying and it is nice to do something for those not so lucky The lady we are buying from is being very kind in leaving several things in the home to start us off until we plan what we want to do. We are so, so lucky that we will have no mortgage and a fair bit to put away for our wrinkly days, sadly it will not be so easy for our children and theirs. We count our blessings.


  2. You learn something new every day – I didn’t know about Bay Crazy, thank you!
    I’m currently doing a bit of the reverse of this – doing some decluttering and have sold a few items on eBay (first time! Very pleased)


  3. In my area, Indiana, we have several good charitable thrift shops. My favorite is a “rescue mission” that is faith based. They help homeless people, newly released convicts, basically anyone who needs a hand. Their shops support a huge mission that feeds and houses many people, and the daily programs. They routinely are given estates to sell, and have well stocked shops. They also sell new furniture at low prices, but quality is great. When my hens give me 18 eggs a day they are also glad to take them. This is a prime examplevof how people should take care of each other.

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  4. Hi, I love the local community of buying and selling that face book has got, local people selling to local people, I gave up with eBay ages ago for selling, I can’t afford to buy a new suite or dining table, but just changing cushion covers for more festive ones usually works.I work in retail not through choice, it’s for a number of reasons it fits around my family and other commitments, Christmas comes early (September) and for all I love the season I hate the commercialism.I live in a reasonably affluent area witch has its pros and cons, community spirit is not as strong as I would like it to be. I love helping out in different community groups I take my children, they love it to. Sometimes I do think that people are frightened to help out, or even scared of admitting that food banks exist, charity shops are a necessity and they are not an eye sore, Christmas is about family and community not a “how wealthy am I badge” (sorry a rant does the soul good) xxx

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  5. Love this post. Those new sofa for Christmas adverts drive me crackers too. Just as bad are the Argos ads for hugely expensive electrical gifts. Parents must feel guilty if they can’t afford the latest iPad or phone. I make it a rule to always mute the sound during ad breaks.


  6. Most of our ‘thrift stores’ are non profits and benefit a local charity. We also have found a lot of things on Craig’s list free section, it is also a great way to get something picked up and hauled away!


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