It’s beginning to smell a lot like Christmas 

Hello Dear Reader,

Last year, we bought our French home on the 21/12 and were in a rented gîte and didn’t have anything christmassy with us. The angl0/French neighbours were lovely and cooked Christmas lunch for us. This year, we will be hospitable and people are welcome to come and eat with us. So, there will be Christmas cake and pudding. 

I’m in the middle of steaming two puddings and baking a cake for four hours.

I must dash and camp in the kitchen and top up the steaming puddings every twenty minutes. The secret to the cake is to not open the oven door for four hours.

I’ll pop up the recipes tomorrow xxx

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxx


17 thoughts on “It’s beginning to smell a lot like Christmas 

  1. Dear Froogs,
    I have a big red Le Cruset stove top kettle that I hardly used. You are welcome to it. I will even post it to you. I enjoy your website.
    Best Wishes


  2. Commercialism of Brittish Christmas?! It’s nothing compared to the US. After college I spent a Christmas in Wigan and was so amazed at how simple and uncomplicated it all was. Actually if you have a tried and true recipie for a traditional Christmas cake please post it!!


  3. Several years ago after looking at my microwave cookbook I started to do the first cooking of puddings in the microwave(they keep well too). For the second cooking, immediately before serving, I use the pressure cooker. Works really well and frugal on the use of electricity. Do you have /use a pressure cooker? I wouldn’t be without mine – all three of different sizes.
    I have noticed during the seventeen years that we have lived in France how much more commercialized Christmas has become, starting a little bit earlier each year. However on the grand scale of things is still much less commercial and lots of it is about food anyway!!


      • I can understand that as pressure cookers years ago could be scary things. I have had soup sprayed all over the kitchen walls but modern ones are much easier and controllable. I guess the noise they make can be a bit off putting as it sounds as if they could blow up at any time.


  4. The cake looks delicious! Look forward to the recipe. Saw a pressure cooker the other day that you use in the microwave. Love your blog☺


  5. I always cook my puddings in the slow cooker for about 8 hours and reheat them from about 8 am on Christmas Day. I crumple some foil to put under the bowl.Works really well and they don’t need watching.


  6. I bake cherry and raisin scones for Christmas gifts. Last year was the first year I did them, and they were hugely popular. Might branch out into blueberry this year, as I’ve got some in the freezer to use up.


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