What do you call yours? 

Hello Dear Reader,

The loo? The smallest room? The outhouse? The privvy? Whatever you call yours; ours needed a tidy up. I already had some exterior paint from a previous job and we bought the floor paint last week.

I painted the walls and the floor within the same hour and can’t paint the edges until everything is dry. The floor will then need a further two coats of paint. Our downstairs loo was once the outside toilet and when this house was built in approximately 1906, that would have been the only toilet and people would have washed in the kitchen sink with the occasional wash in a tin bath in front of the fire. Our kitchen and upstairs bathroom was built in the 1980s. My tiny house has no where for the boiler so that’s in the outside loo too. What was once a back yard is now covered and has become our back porch which we use as a utility room. It’s a very useful space in a small house.

We’ve had a gap in our kitchen for a while but today we got lucky and snaffled an under counter fridge. It needed collecting and a really good scrub and bleach but it works just fine.

That’s when the money saving ended! As we were in Saltash collecting it, we called into the local charity shops. I bought six bath towels for £5.50, a Bodum coffee jug for £2.50 (ours broke and they’re £15 new) and a present for my dad…that’s a secret. I couldn’t have bought one bath towel new for £5.50. Don’t think you could use second hand towels? Well that’s just what you use in a hotel. So, I splashed out £11 which will have to come out of this week’s food budget which is ok as there’s plenty in the freezer.

It’s all paint, garden, tidy and pre-winter maintenance here and it’s keeping us busy.

I really must stay away from charity shops, although I am in the hunt for another stove top kettle!

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxx


14 thoughts on “What do you call yours? 

  1. When we first bought our current house, the very first thing I did was paint the laundry closet and add some shelves. It took less then a day and was so satisfying. I had put my stamp on my home. Soon after I painted, added a border and added a towel rack to the smallest bathroom. I’m more a DIY wanna be than doer, when it comes to the house. But to this day (16 years later) I love that bathroom.
    I love color, my hubby shies away. My cancer has taught me many things and we will be seeing more color in our home. Haha.


    • Postbox red lifts my mood. My sash window frames and front door are painted red against white lime wash and it makes me smile every time I come home. All walls are white with lime wash. A £20 sack will go round the walls 4 times. The chimney sweep was upset that he left a soot mark on the wall. I said not to worry, takes a tick to shove lime wash over it!


  2. Froogs, Well done! Here in the USA, your formerly outdoor loo is what we would call a “powder room” or 1/2 bath if there is a sink in there. Just a toilet? then it’s a water closet. For the record, I ONLY buy second hand towels, can’t recall the last time I bought them new. As you said, we all use them while at other people’s homes, at hotels, etc. Therle were many occassions when another parent would lament Junior’s having lost a $40 towel at camp, a day of swimming, at the YMCA-nope, I wasn’t going to partake. Our $1-$2 towels are just fine, should they get lost, no real worries as they weren’t an investment.


  3. I love charity shops and have no problem with buying used items. Our granddaughters stay over occasionally and I got a 2nd hand (like brand new) pretty single fitted bed sheet – tiny floral pattern and very pretty – Laura Ashley no less – for £1.50. People may frown upon 2nd hand bedding – but that’s what you get in even 5 star hotels – in fact thousands of people will have used them!


  4. My towells are pretty old, rips have been sown up . I have no problem using second hand anything. I get given old towells. We had a holiday in a cottage once and I failed to read the important information on the blurb that told us to bring bedlinen. We were on a remote corner of Skye having arrived late afternoon on a Saturday. Unbelievably, a little charity shop opened up for us in the nearest village at 5pm on a Saturday and I bought 3 duvet covers, sheets, pillowcases and 2 tea towells and some knitting needles and wool (to teach the girls to knit) for about £20. Fantastic. We fought over the My Little Pony and Harry Potter duvetcovers. Still using them!

    It’s a loo in our house. I let one of my girls take charge of the decor. She painted it deep pink….. Being a primary colour and white lover I’ll be in charge next time!


  5. My Nana gives us her bath sheets every so often, usually when she has snagged them on something. It makes no difference to my life if my towel has a little hole or a frayed hem and she buys much better quality than we could ever afford.


  6. All my towels are on their last legs, I’ve cut off the frayed bit hit the rag bag and made some bias binding and sewn it around the edge of the towel.They should last a bit longer,and as to buying second hand bedding it’s my staple sewing medium at the present I’m lining second hand curtains with a deconstructed secondhand douvet cover.Lovely loo, that’s what we call it.xxxxx


  7. I haven’t been to charity shops for some time. I am not in to buying things for home this year. This year is for using up what is at home. Line drying clothes makes them last longer. But, I make my own body wash from soap bars. I have my own laundry detergent.


  8. Your white walls look amazing & crisp with the woad blue floor. I miss having a utility/laundry room in my home. I had the washer put in a very large walk in closet/dressing room,which is right around corner from the bathroom. Our 1870 warehouse is coming along well but there is still more work to do…… I do dry my clothes on a huge Amish built rack that is about 7′ tall. It’s one of the best thing I’ve ever purchased. It holds two full loads if clothing if put on hangers.
    I will buy used towels & linens if there is much life left in them. Old timey cotton linens are better than the microfiber garbage that is for sale now. I love thrift shops & finding quality items.


  9. I live in the US. My house was built in 1902 with an outhouse in the backyard. They put the present toilet on the back porch. Then, they built the house around the porch, making a room and putting in a bathtub and sink. The bathtub is the original claw foot tub. I love it. We call the thing to pee in the toilet. Some call it the head, John, throne. We call the room where it sits with the tub and sink the “bathroom.”

    Sometimes, I imagine how it must have been to go outdoors on the back porch. But, they people who lived here must have felt lucky to not have to go through rain, hail, mud, and snow to reach the outhouse. Of course, most of the time they had a pot under the bed and took it out the next day.


  10. I can tell you an outdoor convenience is horrible if you are young, have to go out in the dark and some idiot has told you about murderers. I was so glad to have one in the house in the mid seventies.

    Our whole home is wallpapered and I dislike it intensely. Most has been up for forty years or more and it is hideous. Give me paint anyday. Also rip up the carpets and replace them with cork. I live in subtropical Australia and cork is comfortable when it is cold, yes we do have some cold weather, and in the heat.

    As for the name it is toilet, loo,the littlest room in the house.


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