Productive Sunday

Hello Dear Reader,

It’s been a lovely relaxing day where we can indulge in hobbies. I’m sewing ‘Yooosta-Bee’ bags out of fabric that used to be something else. They used to be jeans, curtains, pillow cases, clothing or duvet covers. Now, they’re repurposed into something more useful.

DB builds things out of wood that used to be pallets! We need another wood shed and he’ll keep dismantling pallets until we have enough free wood to make one. It’s not great wood but it’s fine for sheds.  

We need another wood shed as the wood is seasoning under tarps at the end of the garden and it is a bit scruffy. I’m sure other frugals can identify with this as our gardens are for work more than looking at.

If anyone’s interested and to help me work through a stash of thrifted fabric, I will have Yoosta-Bee bags for sale when I’ve made a few. Some are cheaper, some more than others due to size, how long they took to make or the fabric.  It’s great to be back at my sewing machine and to have a whole week of pottering about at home along with some DIY.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxx


9 thoughts on “Productive Sunday

  1. My brother made his wood shed from pallets. He left the walls as pallets for air circulation. The roof is closed tight with a 12 inch overhang. He cuts his own wood from his acreage and the semi open walls help it to season.
    Yesterday, daughter and I went for a drive. I found a source for free pallets. I left a message with the owner of the property who will relay to his renter that I am interested. I need a tool shed in the worst way.


  2. I spent a happy hour this morning looking at your quilting tutorials and older posts about all your lovely quilts as I hope to start making one this week. I plan to back it with a cosy scrappy patchwork using pieces cut from the brush cotton shirts, jimmy jams and old cords belonging to my husband that I have kept since he died. To wrap me and my girls up in this winter. I really do like your scrappies. Aah and pallets … We have always used them to make compost bins by knocking in a post at the corners between the two sides of a pallet to fix in the ground, using three to make a box, and stuffing cardboard between the slats for insulation. They last about 4 years.

    Is your bag logo sewn freehand? It is a great name. Your blog is very inspiring .


  3. Good evening Froogs.

    I’m making a quilt out of men’s shirts at the moment. Also got some crochet on the go in front of the fire.
    Happy Sunday.xx


  4. Our half term will be tidying the garden up for the winter ahead, putting the allotment to bed and catching up on jobs that get left ie….. paperwork, sewing and some Christmas preparation.I love this time of year the family don’t tend to wander far so having a cosy home is uber important.


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