Freshening up a room on the cheap

Hello Dear Reader,

My back porch used to be a tiny back yard with an outside loo. It’s now a covered yard that doubles up as a utility room with an indoor loo that also houses the boiler. It has a bare concrete floor that I scrub with a brush, hot water and some bleach. We broke our frugal fast today by spending £20 out of our food budget on floor paint. I already have paint for the walls and woodwork. 

I’ll recoat the walls with two coats of exterior masonry paint and the floor with three coats of floor paint. It will be fresher and brighter for a small amount of money and I also think it’s essential to take care of our property. The windows will be polished and walls will be touched up where required. 

Oh, the fun we have. Otherwise, the frugal fast continues. Last night, I cooked GF sausages, homemade smoky potato wedges and beans. We had baked potatoes with tuna mayo for lunch and we have carbonara for supper tonight. 

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxx


11 thoughts on “Freshening up a room on the cheap

  1. That colour is ideal; and you reminded me of tuna mayo baked potato. I haven’t eaten one in ages . Must remember to make some. I am going to England soon and I intend to scour the menus for things we don’t have in France !


  2. I always find it’s little renovations like this that make me feel the best about my home. Little areas that we have ‘made do’ with and then are suddenly inspired to tackle always look super good when finished.


  3. A bit of paint can really change the feel of a room, it’s my favourite way to renovate! The blue paint is really inviting. I’m seriously impressed that you have kept up the frugal fast by using £20 of your food budget. I broke my fast buying winter clothes for my little boy and a Christmas gift for my nephew this month but have only managed to cover a third of the cost by selling items; maybe I’ll get the whole cost covered by the end of the month.

    As always, you are an inspiration!

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  4. A bargain I think, using up what you have and a little expenditure to finish an important job. I agree house maintenance is very important.


  5. I have to agree N that it is amazing that the paint has come out of the food budget. It is lovely to make an area fresher. Over winter you will welcome the happy sight that awaits you when you have to go out there.

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  6. The steps look great.Attending to a small area, cheaply is very rewarding and can lift the feel of your home love cheap ideas. Often just cleaning something improves its look and general feel. I am attempting to renovate our front room this week on a budget of about £150. Hopefully to include window blinds, paint and new cushions etc. Last of the big spenders hey! You are an inspiration to us all, to keep using our imagination and creativity instead of wasting our hard earned pennies.


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