Five. Frugal things on a Friday 


Hello Dear Reader,

It’s beginnng to feel chilly and autumnal here. I love this time of year and the last of the colours of nature before everything beds down for the winter. I love soups, hot chocolate, thick socks, warm cardigans and hot water bottles. It’s all great! I love frost, crunchy grass under my Wellies and log fires. I’m not keen on the dark but I’m well stocked up with books and I read more in the winter.

It’s the start of the half term break and I’m going to keep my frugal fast going! Here’s the summing up of my week.

1. I’ve had twenty one days of buying nothing but food, a few toiletries such as soap and shampoo from Poundland and diesel for the car.

2. Laundry has been dried outside and in front of the wood stove.

3. Not used the gas central heating, just the wood stove and then only infrequently.

4. We’ve sold/decluttered on eBay and saved the money for a rainy day.

5. Thicker clothes, socks, warmer coats have come out of vacuum bags, lighter clothes have been stored away and the winter quilt has gone onto our bed. We’ll be warm on the cheap.

I’ll be here everyday and our week at home will see us undertaking some home maintenance, walks, catching up with friends and family and of course, time doing nothing with our feet up.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxxx


5 thoughts on “Five. Frugal things on a Friday 

  1. Sounds perfect! I love the sound of sitting in front of your log burner.
    I would love one for both cosy & thrifty reasons but my house is a new build and doesn’t have a chimney breast for the flue.

    Looking forward to reading about your relaxing half term


  2. I love the Autumn months. I continue to save 60% of my income. We’ve had to shift the budget. Being on medical leave has saved us huge in petrol. Hubby drives my much thriftier car to work and all my appts. The little groceries we need are picked up on the way home from the appts. Quilts are out on the beds and I dress cozy. We havwnt had to turn the heat on or build a fire. Weve had cold nights but sunny days. Friends have been sending us meals 1 to 3 times a week. Often enough for the next days lunches. I’ve had a few small expenses. Medications, co-pays and I cant hang the wash. I use the drying rack but mostly the dryer. That is where the budget shifts. Saving on petrol and food has paid for those, easily. Today we enjoyed a drive to look at the autumn colors and enjoyed a picnic lunch. It was wonderful getting out for pleasure.


  3. I luckily found dried cherries at Aldi (not always available) and got 10 bags of them for my Christmas baking. They are cheaper there than anywhere else. They will go in cherry scones. It’s finally gotten autumnal feeling here in the American Midwest. The colors on the trees are lovely.


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