13 days of the frugal fast to go!


Hello Dear Reader,

I’m really digging in with the no spend month now! All the retailers that I’m signed up have great bargains and I’m walking away and just telling myself no.

So often, we hand over our email address or they have it any way as we’ve shopped online and we get sent all the details of the offers. Some of those offers can’t be found in shops. I shop with Yves Rocher occasionally and love the perfume. However, I rarely pay for perfume as I get it free as a give away if I’ve bought something else usually for far less than the cost of the perfume.

I get sent offers from the supermarket, from clothing companies and I take a look just because I’m nosey then walk away. Whether I’ve got the money or not, I choose not to buy unless I have a genuine need. The trouble is, for them but not me, that I don’t need much. But, as I’ve said before I’m only human and it doesn’t stop me from wanting and wishing that I could. Even though I can, I keep a tight hold of my wallet and sometime with a big sigh just tell myself that I don’t have permission to buy what ever it was I was hankering after. Today, it was my favourite perfume! But I’ll be fine and with what I have!

We shopped at the weekend to last us until the end of the month. The freezer and larder are well stocked and we have all we need to see us through half term. None of it is very exciting but with thirteen days to go, we’ve been through well over half of the frugal fast and we’re doing fine. We’re aiming for some free days out in half term with walks, visiting friends and family and visiting some Poldark locations.

We’ve discussed continuing this into November and this might be our first two month frugal fast. What do you think? If one month has become easy, should I aim for two months as a proper challenge?

Eighteen days down and thirteen to go and it really hasn’t been that hard.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxx



16 thoughts on “13 days of the frugal fast to go!

  1. My hubby and I joined you and decided to do a no spend month. We will be extending it until Thanksgiving (November 24). I have to say its been hard not to buy anything on offer that we don’t need!


  2. I love this. Keep going. I’m hoping you will do a reverse advent calendar again this yr. Think I might join you in that. Much love from south Devon


  3. I love the Poldark series. I often wonder while watching if you ever see them shooting the shows. I read many books that are set in Cornwall. It must be quite the place with so many shows and books using as the setting.


  4. I have found the No Spend Month challenging but rewarding. It has not only stopped my spending but has encouraged me to sell items, clear out, complete some household jobs, be creative in gift giving, and spend more time with my family doing free things. Spending nothing has been enlightening!

    I am going to try for a No Spend November.

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  5. I’m curious if you extended another month, would you be as well stocked on things other than food to get through the month? I am aiming to spend less, and November might be a good no spend month other than food and gas for the car, but I would need to inventory where we are with health, beauty, and household items (that are needs of course).


  6. I went through my coupon folder and threw away all of the coupons expiring between now and Oct 31. It was very rewarding. I don’t need to stock up and a lot of the time this wastes more money then it saves. I think I am extending this October fast to include a little grocery exile for the first 2 weeks of November.


  7. Why not? The end will be so rewarding for you. I will do this as well. I am breaking really bad spending habits so a “twomonther” will be excellent to keep this up. I thought it would be hard but I am really busy now and doing things that cost nothing or what I already have in cupboards. It’s better not doing it alone too. I am with you.


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