Batch cooking in the slow cookers

Hello Dear Reader,

We had a trip to our local Asda today and I wanted to check out the prices. It’s not far away and it has a good gluten free section.

I bought frozen chicken breasts for £3.33 a kilo and frozen lamb chops for £4.50 for 800g but there were eight chops in there. So, £5.60 a kilo. 

I added celery, carrots, onions, tomato purée, chicken stock, rosemary, mug of red wine, salt and pepper and topped it up with another two mugs of water. 

I’ll cook that in the slow cooker for eight hours. The lamb casserole with sides will cost £1.50 per portion.

I then made a ragu with turkey mince, celery, onions, garlic, carrots, red wine, basil, salt and pepper. The turkey mince cost £3.25 for 800G with sides each portion will cost £1.

I don’t brown the meat, I just stir it all together and leave it cook for the day.

The lamb casserole will make two meals as will the ragu.

Slow cookers don’t cost much and don’t use much energy and they’re my easy way of cooking for the week.

I’ve also slow cooked pork shoulder steaks in a roasting dish with a lid with four pork steak, 1/4 cup BBQ sauce, one sliced onion, sliced mixed peppers which I buy frozen, tin of tomatoes and salt and pepper.

A heap of roasties to go with the pork that was £3.33 for 750g, with sides each meal will come to £1. 

Our menu this week will be ragu sauce on top of steamed vegetables twice, slow cooked pork, roast potatoes and veggies twice, lamb casserole twice. We’ll have a baked potato and coleslaw supper, sandwiches or salad for lunch and toast or an egg on toast for breakfast.

That’s dinner done for the week.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxxx


19 thoughts on “Batch cooking in the slow cookers

  1. Froogs that is all looking so tasty it always makes me feel so hungry, when I was working I couldnt have manages without my slow cooker, putting it all in the night before and just switching it on before I went to work knowing it would be ready by the time I got in, just a god send x


  2. Hi, I’m usually on the ball with prep for the week ahead,but this weekend has gone to pot.So I’ll do my catch up tomorrow,well done for keeping to your routine.xxxxxx


  3. Slow cookers are a blessing to a busy household. I just used chicken cooked ealier to start a batch of soup and have an alfredo for two dinners and leftovers for lunch.Three meals, plus leftovers from one cook of the chicken.


  4. Haha! I just did some batch cooking yesterday, beef mince with onion, carrot and celery mixture from the freezer – itself part of a batch-prep session- , then divided with one third made into cottage pie, and 2/3 had minced pork added and made into bolognaise, then slow cooked for 4 hours. I got a small sized slow cooker for £8 at a charity shop, checked by their electrician and absolutely pristine. Bargain!


  5. I also like to do risotto in the slow cooker. Chicken, bacon, onion, garlic, 180g rice, 900ml stock and leave on low. Stir through some parmesan when you get home. It is gluten free as well.


  6. I like to batch cook – not huge batches, more to make it worth all the prep slicing onions etc. I use an electric pressure cooker a lot and a slow cooker and this weekend I did 20 portions of VEG soup to keep me going for diabetic lunches. I was interested to see you’d bought frozen lamb chops because on Pinterest there are often recipes where people batch prepare including the meat, and then freeze in meal-size bags. When required they empty a frozen bagged meal into the crockpot to cook. I’ve always been a bit cautious about trying it, because I didn’t think you could do that. So in your first picture were they still-frozen lamb chops in your slow cooker? If so can you also do that with chicken pieces? I do always like the way you cook – there’s never 20 ingredients or the need for some spice which is hard to get. It’s always stuff we all buy.


  7. All looks delicious. I also have 2 slow cookers, both Cookworks, the same as yours. The cookers themselves are great value for money and make lovely meals using very little energy. I do all sorts in mine, including jacket potatoes and I also cook dumplings or a cobbler on top of stews in them. I wouldn’t be without them.


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