Ready to crumble? 


Hello Dear Reader,

I’m not perfect, I can endure anything for months and even years but it doesn’t mean that I don’t have days or days after day of wishing that things were different. Even so, I could crumble at any moment and just give in and periodically I do but then I get back to my focus. 

So, how do you do it? Teeth gritting? Digging in? 

In my case, it’s a target. Simply nothing more. I have a target I’m aiming for and work towards it. I’m currently saving for a ferry ticket, dogs annual jabs, house insurance  and a tax bill….not all due at once I may add. So, I’ll get back to not spending any money even though I’d like to do all sorts of things and buy lots too. 

You may have a target of your own, what ever it is, good luck. I’m sure you’ll get there.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxx


8 thoughts on “Ready to crumble? 

  1. That certainly rang a bell with me after my comment on your earlier post! Today was such a day for me and though my spend would have been pennies it was unnecessary. For once my impatience was a bonus and that’s something I can’t say very often 🙂


  2. I’m working like the clappers (from home) as we recently took a very cheap Cornish holiday, off peak, and spent very little. However the week before we went our car failed it’s MOT badly and cost us nearly £600 to mend which came out of our emergency fund! Hence my fingers are on fire from my home typing!


  3. I think a target is great. Knowing exactly how much you need. I would post this somewhere visible and mark every amount I have going toward it. Watching the numbers get closer together would be great motivation for me to fulfil that goal the sooner the better. Good luck.


  4. Sometimes my goal seems unachievable; it’s to pay off our mortgage in the next ten years (or sooner). Three years ago, we had a large mortgage on an old property, which just ‘ate up’ money. However, after some time living abroad, we came back and decided to downsize (this raised some eyebrows as all of our friends were buying bigger properties not smaller!). Over the next three years, we cut extra spending and now only spend on things that bring value to our life. This has been a very positive step for us, its reduced our spending, made us more grateful for what we have, and reduced our consumption of the planets resources. The downsize has also meant that we spend less time maintaining the property and more time together as a family.

    I would also agree that keeping track of how much closer you are getting to a goal is great motivation, no matter if the goal is a short- or long-term goal. This year, we overpaid our mortgage by 10%. If we continue to do this, we will pay off our mortgage within the ten year time frame. This will provide us with greater financial independence as our children become teenagers.

    Thank you for helping me to reflect on our financial goal. It’s easy sometimes to lose sight of how far you’ve came.

    Here’s to target setting!


  5. Having a goal/target is important. Today I was fighting the shopping desire— only thrift shop or antique are my favorite. I’m not spending this month either, having written a big check to clear my visa bill, and saving for special goal. I stay busy with sewing/quilting, making clothes for a niece, and knitting. Also concentrating on not wasting food, and making sure to use things up. I picked green tomatoes to make mincemeat too, and need to get on with it tomorrow. I was given some smoked shanks, so will soak a bunch of beans, and cook a huge pot of those, then freeze in 2 cup portions for meals. Having a disability keeps me home, but I try to use my time wisely. This week I planted lettuce & kale, which will grow in my big geeenhouse window for meals. I also bring my herbs, geraniums, cactus type plants inside in pots so they won’t freeze. I’m also hoping to try growing tomatoes inside thus winter. I just try to accomplish what I can.


  6. Glad to know you are human after all Froogs :-)! You amaze me with your willpower, I only wish mine was as strong. On the plus side it’s getting stronger.


  7. I agree having a target is great. I save in an xmas club all year, then its great to spend what I have more freely without too much worry about over spending. I also work part time and the bulk of the bills come out of my money. I am always finding ways to cut back on utilities etc to keep the cost within my limits. I make a list of what I would like for the home etc. Then I decide what is a need rather than a want. That usually cuts it down a bit.Then I set about finding it for the best price and value that I can. I also love to acquire things for free or re-purpose something I already have. I feel rather smug with myself if I can get a freeby or amazing bargain.


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