Early start and a coastal walk

Hello Dear Reader,

I managed to get everything straight by nine o click this morning. Everything ship shape in the house. Mind you, it’s only tiny and it doesn’t take long.

Everything washed up, put away, sink polished and shined, drawer full of vintage tea towels all ready for the week.

We spent the morning in Polperro. Before you condemn me, there is no free parking in Polperro and one privately owned car park and we paid £4 for three hours to park. The rest was just walking but I thought I’d share some lovely photos.

If you’ve got £1500! You can rent one of these tiny cottages for a week in the summer! Yep, it is expensive.

We got there quite early and for a while it was really quiet but it was busy by the time we left.

It was sunny and warm and we headed along the cliffs to Talland. It got hot then and when we reached a good vantage point we just sat a while and sun bathed.

We’re still in summer clothes in the warm day times and making the most of it whilst it lasts. We were home by lunchtime, had a salad, read a while and then I cooked supper and prepared lunches for the week.

It was lovely to get out for a walk and soak up some sun. It won’t last much longer I’m afraid.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxxx


10 thoughts on “Early start and a coastal walk

  1. It looks like a perfect day and I am so glad you were able to get out and enjoy the lovely weather while it lasts. Holiday rentals can be so expensive. But maybe one day your area will be popular and you will enjoy those benefits too.


  2. Thanks for another great post – you’re an inspiration! This Sunday I scrubbed out our shower, got a roast ready and cooked a chicken pie in the oven while I did the roast to save and prep for the week. I loved having my friends in and not going ‘out’ to the pub or a restaurant. Enjoy the lovely weather down there in Cornwall and take care. x


  3. We really have to make the most of it while it lasts. We are having lovely afternoons, but it’s taking all morning for the mists to burn off and then come 4.30ish the damp and cold creep back in.


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