Money saving saturday

Hello Dear Reader,

I love a Saturday where we get all the domestics done. Everything is clean and all the laundry is washed and dried. I don’t have a vacuum that’ll clean stairs or furniture so I’ve got an old fashioned stiff brush that I use. It’s a great workout too. By the time I’ve swept down two flights of stairs, the furniture and the curtains, my arms ache at the end of it.

I use an old paint brush to clean down the nooks and crannies like the decorative parts of the backs of doors and around electrical items. I also keep one in the cars to clean around the dashboard. I like cleaning with brushes, they last for ages.

It’s almost time to restock the woodshed and move my end of the garden log pile to the log pile by the house. 

All the usual home cooking took place. Lunch today was butter bean dip, sweet potatoes, carrots, feta and salad.

I was sent the most lovely gift by Cat of her hair straighteners that she didn’t need any more. I can now tame my hair that looks a lot tidier when I straighten it. 

I also scrubbed out the inside of my washing machine drawer. We have really soft water and everything goes black. After that, I washed bedding and towels on the hottest wash.

It’s the end of my first no spend week and other than groceries and diesel for the car. We haven’t spent any money. We don’t spend a lot anyway so it’s not a big deal for us. We don’t normally eat out, or get a takeaway, or buy new clothes, or buy anything for our house so this is more of our normal. This month is just about being conscious of that.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxxx


11 thoughts on “Money saving saturday

  1. Nothing more comforting to me than the sight of my full woodpile. The paintbrush is a great idea I’ll be adopting.



  2. Well done Froogs. I admire that you are so committed to a clean home and old fashioned economies. I am trying to stay on the bandwagon. I have spent a little on my children’s birthdays and medicine, bread and milk too. The supplies are still ample.


  3. I have started using a paint brush dipped in bleach to clean my folding shower screen. It gets into all the nooks and crannies and the bleach goes just where I want it to rather than squirting and usually wasting it.

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  4. Well I’m going to read your blog from start to finish. We’ve just worked out the debts, to say I’m devestated is an understatement.


    • Sarah…make a start today , Janes blog was a fantastic inspiration for me to tackle our debts .Its taken 4 very frugal years but am now totally debt free and its all been worth it . Reading this blog made believe me I could do it . I hope you can to .

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  5. Just lost my reply but not my temper. This new computer is dodgy. I also love brushes for cleaning and use one which I wash pretty often. Love to see your photos of Cornwall as part of my family is from Devon. They were farming people however so none of these lovely towns for them. Did visit Cornwall a few years ago and loved it. I really admire your smaller houses as we have too large ones in Australia. In some housing estates people are obliged to build to a “certain standard” and the land is so dear they are really obliged to.


  6. I really like the idea of using brushes for touch up here and there. Never thought of it before. I am heading for the dollar store as soon as I can!


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