Five frugal things on Friday

Hello Dear Reader,

It’s the end of the first week of my no spend month. I didn’t do a grocery shop this week as we’ve eaten meals I’ve prepared earlier and frozen. Instead this week, I used some of the food budget to buy our Christmas meat: beef, pork and turkey for £17.50. Once upon a time, this wouldn’t have paid for a turkey but we’ve pared back Christmas and we do that thriftily too. 

I used ziffit to sell a load of DVDs and book and they’ve now credited the money to my paypal account, that’ll fill our car with diesel this week. It sort of feels like we can go to work and back for free next week.

When it’s turned nippy, we’ve heated the house with firewood bought in spring so we’re heating prepaid and for way less than turning on the gas central heating. We have a tiny house, tiny stove and heat ourselves for the autumn and winter for £20 a month. 

We’ve listed and sold on eBay and added money to savings and given ourselves some space. 

Don everything we usually do: packed lunches, taken our own coffee, home cooked food, laundry dried on the line, amused ourselves for free. 

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxxxx


13 thoughts on “Five frugal things on Friday

  1. Froogs you are an inspiration and I am taking a lot of it on-board, as pensioners we always have to be careful with our money but even more now with the silly exchange rate, I am losing at least 100€ per month, here in France we are seeing an increase in food, not sure what is causing that, it will only get worse I fear x

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  2. Lucky you can hear with wood only….it gets so cold here in the US that our pipes would freeze in our upstairs bathroom!
    Cannot believe its October already…just saw the first Christmas ads on TV this week…..


  3. Good job! We have holiday meat in freezer too. A friend’s daughter raised a pig for the fair this year. Then we bought half of it, got it made into bacon, sausage, hams & chops. Next year we are going in halves with them on a steer. In May I hatched a clutch of eggs & got 18 chicks. There were only 4 roosters, and just today I got 6 eggs! I wasn’t expecting any until next month. I really love keeping chickens. Pretty soon we will have 3 roosters in the freezer too. I grew six tomato plants this summer with great results, but the days are cooling off & the green tomatoes weren’t getting ripe. So, I picked 10 lbs of them, and tomorrow will grind them up to add to apple based mincemeat. It should make about 2 dozen pints.

    I really love reading about your thrifty ways, and knowing I’m not the only one who spends a whole day cooking from scratch, and would rather feed my family real fresh food, than take out. And looking for the best ways to save & stretch what I do spend.


  4. Christmas is such a big cost for most families. Getting the main festive meat and freezing it in advance is great especially when it is so much cheaper. I have a put aside small gifts I have come across over the year that were discounted and end of range or line. I then bundle them together and they make great presents at a quarter of the normal price. Everyone who gets them then gets a good quality present. Most of the people I give presents to don’t get much from anyone else so this is a real treat all round.


    • The only presents I give are my son and daughter and my parents. No big costs. I don’t put up decorations any more, I send about ten cards. That’s it. We have a two week holiday so the heating and good bill goes up but I can offset that.


      • I do admire your way.of life- but as s person who loves Christmas I can’t understand the lack of decorations. Mine come out year after year do don’t cost anything – I wouldn’t be without them. Just wondered why you don’t bother?


  5. So wise to stock up on costlier proteins when you can. This late Summer, I grabbed 4 frozen turkey breasts (looks like you call them “crowns” in the UK) and popped them into my freezer, intending to cook one/month, once Fall hit. It was during a hot and humid spell of weather when I bought them. I’ve already cooked one this past week, for Sunday supper. Made a turkey divan casserole dish the next night, turkey broth tortelloni soup for lunches for a few days, turkey sandwiches. None wasted. Although currently on full salary as part of my retirement incentive, I am living on projected retirement income, stashing the rest into savings so receiving what I am calling a year’s wages in 6, yet spending accordingly. We’re now into an attached, 10 year old townhome with gas heat. Not turning anything on yet, perhaps the gas fireplace just to get the chill off come evening. We are already wrapping up under throws, enjoying a cup of hot tea after supper while watching TV together. Colder weather is approaching, it’s supposed to be a brutal, snowy Winter here. Hoping that being flanked by neighbors will translate into lower heating costs.


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