Cheap Scrubber!


Hello Dear Reader,
Thanks for writing about cleaning products and whether we should spend more and buy Eco products or buy for economy. Well, it depends what you call economy I suppose. It depends on your budget and what you want to do with your money. 

Years ago, very many years ago, I used to be a publican and caterer and was fully trained in the legalities of cleanliness for health and safety reasons. Here’s the cleaning products we were trained and expected to use. Oven cleaner, detergent, abrasive cleaner and bleach. That was it. You can use any brands of those but I use supermarket own brands and as you know I shop in Aldi but I also buy cleaning products in Poundland. 

Here’s my cheap scrubbing of my house. I buy oven cleaner in Poundland and spray the oven with it once a week, leave it for an hour and use an abrasive nylon scrubber to get it clean. I have packs of microfibre cloths, again from Poundland and rinse it out. I get five cleans out of one £1 can of oven spray. 

All the work surfaces and floors are washed with hot water and a squirt of bleach. I also use a small squirt of bleach and a loo brush to clean out the loo. A 59p bottle of bleach from Aldi lasts me for well over a month. From my training, I remember being taught that you won’t get it cleaner using more bleach so use just enough. 

I wash the dishes in a plastic bowl, washing  the cleanest items first and just use supermarket cheapy washing up liquid. Dirty pans, roasting dishes, grill pans get scrubbed clean with wire wool pads which I buy 20 for £1 in Poundland. 

I clean skirting boards, internal doors, door frames, window sills with hot soapy water and good old cheap washing up liquid.

I launder our clothes with supermarket laundry liquid and softener and I use it sparingly. We have very soft water here in Cornwall so we don’t need much soap. I also don’t like my clothes to smell of detergent when they’re dry. 

So, if your budget and your choice is to use Eco products, feel free. I think a house can be kept clean with minimal products used sparingly. I’m certainly not going to tell anyone else what to do but I use a few cheap and simple products that I use sparingly.

Whilst I’ve written this, the oven has been ‘soaking’ and I’m off to rinse it out.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxxx


12 thoughts on “Cheap Scrubber!

    • I agree, vinegar is the best. I use it for everything. It makes a great rinse/fabric softner in the laundry too. It cuts grease and removes coffee & tea stains in cups/pots.


  1. A homemade all purpose cleaner all over the Internet is 1 part Dawn blue liquid dish soap (I just used the small bottle I had, will next move to using my discount store version) plus 4 parts white vinegar. Heat the vinegar up in microwave, (I use a glass Pyrex) whisk in the dish soap, decant into a spray bottle. A little goes a LONG way. I am able to use this on all surfaces save marble/granite. Great on soap scum, too.

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  2. Do you not use Ecover products anymore then? I use their laundry liquid as can’t stand the smell of chemicals in normal stuff and their washing up liquid which I buy in 5l bottles. As for everything else a squirt of ‘sal suds’ in an empty white vinegar bottle then half white vinegar half water makes a great all purpose spray. Also use your tip of half runny bleach, half water in a spray bottle for any mould that might appear in the shower etc. So apart from that, a bit of bicarb paste to clean the oven and bleach down the loos and for floor washing have not bought any other cleaning products for a few years now. I buy basics shampoo for cleaning the sinks and bath. A tip from abathroom bloke I know who said it helps to keep the shine on plastic baths.


  3. Whilst wer’e on the subject, I shall be looking for a new oven next month as ours has finally packed up after 28 years. So, can your UK readers recommend a replacement please? It has to be freestanding, 600 mm wide, be preferably black, and have a ceramic top, and a good energy rating of course. Any suggestions gratefully received!


    • All I would say is that if you buy a self cleaning oven make sure that your kitchen cabinets are up to the heat it produces during the cleaning process.


  4. My daughter went on You Tube because our oven stopped working. It was just the heating element. She ordered the part online. Unplugged stove when she got the part. She took out 2 screws replaced element. Put the 2 screws back . 20 minutes later we have a oven that will work for another 15 years. It works like a charm do not be afraid of DIY. Ovens are very simple.
    Good luck to you on the oven.


  5. I completely agree with you re: using the least expensive cleaning products as well as only using a small amount. I use all the same things you do (but the Australian versions!) I do have a question, why do English people use a plastic tub in their kitchen sinks? My English grandmother always did (even though she lived in Australia for the past 50 years!) Is it something to do with when the sinks used to be made of porcelain/concrete? I can’t think of why it’s used in a stainless steel sink – I’m just curious, not judging!


      • That makes sense! I just use less water in my sink (couldn’t be bothered trying to find a tub to fit it lol!) I have just had my best start to October yet with no spending and taking lunch to work every day – I know I should be doing this all the time but this week I’ve managed to resist temptation all week (and lost 1kg as well as a bonus!)
        Melissa in Oz


  6. Hi Froogs, Long time, no check in.
    You are so right about cleaning products. I often make my own up from combinations to get certain effects : I will usually buy the least expensive of their type to do it.
    But, my all time favourite for not having clothes that smell like detergent is white vinegar. It depends on the load size and the type of machine you have, but around 1/2 cup of the inexpensive cleaning vinegar and there is no soapy smell. Also, line dried, there’s no vinegar scent either.


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