Extremely frugal this week. 

Hello Dear Reader,

Sandwiches made for the week, cheese and pickle if you’re interested.

Ding cuisine ready for supper tonight and tomorrow night. There’s a lot of cottage pie and veggies this week. It’s amazing what you can do with half a kilo of minced beef.

Lots of homemade ready meals in the freezer.

Soups, stews and pie fillings.

Cut open the toothpaste, it means after wringing it out and squeezing, I’ll get another week’s worth out of the tube.

I sent DB shopping at the weekend and all we needed was bread, cheese and butter. We’ll make do with what we already have. It’s amazing what you make do with when you’re too ill to go shopping. But of an extreme way to save money but it’ll do this week.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxx


11 thoughts on “Extremely frugal this week. 

  1. sorry to hear you are ill, get better soon! We found out quite by accident how to make toothpaste last a very long time. My hubby poked a hole in the top of the tinfoil cover, instead of peeling it off and it only comes out VERY wlowly, so we just use the tiniest bit!

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  2. Be well soon Froogs.

    I had surgery on Thursday and it didn’t go well. I saved a bundle while I was in hospital for five days. Today I could have cried. I have webster packs for my medicines and they had to be changed. It costs a lot because somehow while I was in hospital my medicines disappeared! What can one do? I wanted October for financial recovery and that is looking less likely everyday. Oh well at least I lost some weight.


  3. Get well soon Froogs. Thought of you at weekend as we drove from Bristol to Looe past Liskard (think that’s where you said you live). Beautiful part of the country.

    Thanks for the post.Emily

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  4. Hi, I’ve been experimenting with whole grains, ground up barley into flour tonight and made pancakes. They were light & fluffy. I thought of you……and the gluten issue. Barley doesn’t bother me, I think you’ve tried it, but not sure. I’m looking for a source to buy bulk barley now. Ha!


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