Flog it! 

Hello Dear Reader,

Added later – both bags have now sold xx

Is it time for you to have a clear out and sell anything you don’t need or want? You could hold a ‘shwop’ and get your friends round, or hold it at your church and have a clothes swap? You can do the same with a book swap, maybe at your work place. You could list items online but watch out for emails that let you know you can list for free but you’ll always have to pay the selling fees.

Whatever you sell or swap, have a good clear out and add to the family coffers.

I’m selling a couple of my Yoostabee bags

This one is oversized 15″ by 16″, Laura Ashley swans and Sanderson dusky pink with pink and blue flowers on the inside, it’s reversible with over shoulder straps that can be worn across the body. My bags are called Yoostabee (used to be something else) My bags are £15 each, free UK postage (£12 worldwide Parcelforce for outside the UK) payment by PayPal – let me know if you’re interested. 

The other bag, is the same size with gold and white brocade style fabric on the outside and vintage Laura Ashley on the inside. 

They are reversible!

Who knows, if these sell I could make a few more. 

Over to you, are you a crafter? Are you making a few bits to sell at local craft fairs? If you’d like to buy a Yoostabee bag, leave a message and an email address that I won’t publish and I’ll send you an invoice via PayPal. 

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxxx


12 thoughts on “Flog it! 

  1. Those bags are lovely! I continue with my own downsizing, having sold an ottoman today (part of the lower floor Den that simply hasn’t been used since we moved here). The furniture is getting sold off. Luckily, as planned, I didn’t pay much for it, all of it bought second hand so I am only looking to make myself whole.


  2. Very nice bags, although I have more than I need already–most of mine are freebies that came in the mail or were given to me at some sort of information event, from the public library to I can’t remember what all else! I can’t even give them away, although I do use them as often as possible, keeping a few in the car as well.


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