How to do a no spend month!

Hello Dear Reader,

It’s October, my annual no spend month. It’s not for everyone, nor am I suggesting you do it. A blog is a diary and not a lifestyle guide. So here goes.

I keep busy. I’ll use this month to get on top of things, the domestic bits and pieces that need doing. I’ve made a list from empty out and sort the airing cupboard, to bleach and paint the bathroom ceiling. Any kind of ‘fast’ involves doing something mindfully and being aware of what I’m doing. So, I’m consciously spending a month rebooting my inner frugal. 

On that note, my month of not spending is a good thing for me. I don’t go out much any way but this is a month where we don’t go out at all and we get a whole lot done. I’ve got books to read, studying to do, sewing to catch up on and I want to rearrange rooms. We’ll also get out for more walks, the tourist numbers have reduced by October and local trails and paths will have fewer people. 

I’ll tidy up all my clothes, take some to the charity shop, wear some I haven’t worn in a while and have a good sort out. I’ll sort out my sewing room and spare bedroom. I’m looking toward to the tidiness. We have paint and things need a touch up. I have cleaning materials and some bits of the house need a scrub.

So, how will I cope with a month of not spending? I’ll cope well, it sorts out my house, my finances, my health and my head. I’ll keep you up to date as something always crops up, or breaks, or wears out in this month and I have to find a way of doing without. There will be teeth gritting and gnashing but it won’t kill me. 

Like a diet, it’s easy at the start and like diets, I always manage a certain amount of time but can’t imagine this being my forever and I never manage to stick it out long term. I can though get back to it and this is my reboot month.

Here goes,

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxx


18 thoughts on “How to do a no spend month!

  1. I thought we would join you as we could do with this and I love a challenge! But after planning and thinking I’ve got this the loo seat has broken! Can’t go without that the men don’t seem to care but my bottie does! Hey ho ! Also taking this month as a diet challenge and want to lose a stone by the end, no gym lots of free walking and dusting off an old resistance band !

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  2. While I don’t plan a no spend fast, I can try a sort of budget cleanse, spending only what was absolutely planned,and only if truly needed on the grocery and HH front. That,with stretching it through November should help me get a savings bump.


  3. I am joining in here. Cut my weekly food spend in half this week, by using store cupboard and long term freezer items. Will aim to do this again next week.


  4. Haha our loo seat broke about 6 months ago. My husband put a piece of duct tape on it for a temporary fix. We can’t seem to remember to buy a newone so I guess it’s not bothering us too much!

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  5. Hi Froogs,
    I’m along for the ride too. We have my daughters birthday this month but I have already got her present sorted, so no outlay for that in this month. I have plans of cleaning the skirting boards and doors after starting my spring cleaning last month. There is no money outlay for cleaning as I have already got all the homemade cleaners and cloths I need for that. So apart from food and bills I am also on a fiscal fast. I look forward to your updates as we go through this no spend month.
    Have a wonderful weekend


  6. As much as I wanted to Succeed. It’s the first on the month and I’ve been spending. I spent $36 on wardrobe staples at 2nd hand shops today. And I dropped another $67 at Aldi for groceries for the week for the 4 of us though


      • I don’t know if that’s a term that is just used here in the USA but it refers to foundation pieces you build a wardrobe on. For example some items would be a classic suit, crisp white shirt, black dress etc.


      • Now I don’t understand ‘build a wardrobe’ either. I have a four drawer chest with all my clothes, two pairs of black trousers for work, three work tops, one pair of work shoes.


      • For me a wardrobe stable(s) is what is holding my 20 plus year old wardrobe together, and I shall be “building ” my wardrobe from the clothes lurking in aforementioned elderly wardrobe .

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  7. Due to other commitments this month we as a family intended to attack the challenge next month, l have primed the children they need to donate to a the charity shop with unwanted toys, if Santa is going to visit!!!!?we have decorating to finish and cleaning is always a good soul cleanser.Good luck everyone xxxxx

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  8. I will be trying really hard to only spend on food and fuel and being more mindful of using up what we have. Struggling at the moment with the anxiety that my husband has just been made redundant and I have 2 daughters at uni. My husband is setting up his own business and the student finance company will not increase their award based on our new circumstances. The tiny redundancy payment will only help us for a few months so I am concerned about how we will manage on just my money. So cutting out all extra spending. On the plus side, thank goodness I have saved in advance for Christmas, saved enough for car insurance etc and have no consumer debt.

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      • Thank you. I really look forward to your posts and really appreciated the Ziffit code which I made use of. My Dad was really frugal, and as a child I never understood why. Now I can totally see why he did some of the things he did and think that he was a very wise man. Hopefully he wound be proud. X

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  9. I started this month in hospital and so far as spent $5. I topped up some groceries this afternoon. So that was $27. I am cross because my prescriptions medicines were stolen while I was in hospital My plans are now changing day by day. Best wishes everyone.


  10. My no spend October hasn’t got off to a flying start as there are a couple more things to buy for some DIY tasks than I hadn’t expected. BUT, what I do have to buy will help to keep the draughts out from the front & back door and stop a couple of fence panels falling over. So I like the idea of rebooting my inner frugal. I’m spending on essential repairs that will save me money in the long term. I’ve started the month but swapping my energy supplier, cancelling my Sky contract (long over due and finally ready to let go of it) and finishing making a door curtain from my fabric stash for the back door. I’ve stocked up the store cupboard, have batch cooked for the freezer so only need to shop for fresh food. Day 3 and so far so good.

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