Selling unwanted gift cards


Hello Dear Reader,

I’m a woman on a mission! Gift cards are such an easy present and not only do I give them but I’ve received a few too. With any gift, it’s the thought that counts and it’s nice to be thought of. However, I don’t think it’s a terrible thing to offload an unwanted gift. Do you?

I’ve got a couple lurking about and I don’t like the shops where I can use them. The stores won’t exchange them for cash so until now, I’ve been stuck with them. I’d heard there was an online site where I could sell them. I didn’t get their face value but I did get money that I otherwise didn’t have. I had a look around Zeek and it’s great site to buy gift vouchers for less than their face value, from 4~12% less, so it’s a good place to buy gift vouchers too.

So, I’ve got myself another £27 towards my No Spend October savings target which will arrive soon to my pay pal Account. 

So, would you sell unwanted gifts? Did you even know you can trade in gift cards for cash? 

The savings pot has had a healthy start and I’m going to put my thinking cap on to find another way to add to it. 

Have a dig round, look for those unwanted items or vouchers that you can sell and let us all know if you’re successful and share how your preparations for a no spend month is working out.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxx


8 thoughts on “Selling unwanted gift cards

  1. Hey Froogs. I didn’t even know sites like this existed so thanks for the tip. Having said that, with 3 kids and 1 income I have never received a gift card I couldn’t use 😂 I have used Argos ones to buy them towels, Amazon ones to buy myself shoes and clothes. Boots ones to stock up on Christmas presents on 3 for 2. Once when we received a Nandos one we saved it for Valentine’s day and had a family “love” trip to Chester (we live in North Wales) and had a family lunch out as a major treat. I genuinely love a good gift card!


  2. I get alot of gift cards as gifts from student families and my family finds it easier to send these at Chritmas time. I ve never had one I did not eventually use. They may sit in my wallet quite awhile but they eventually are used. However, I have often used them to purchase gifts for others. Much of our eating out is on these cards and the Home Improvement ones are always used promptly. Usually the big box stores are the ones I buy other people’s gifts with. I have shopped these card redemption sites and found some great deals that we have used while traveling.


  3. When I taught dance, my students would give me gift cards for places like Starbucks and nail salons. I don’t go to these places, so I would “regift” the cards. One year, Dd was able to hold a manicure/latte birthday party with the cards. All I added was the tip and transportation. I don’t mind receiving these cards, as I do pass them on to tthose who would enjoy them.. I understand some people find that tacky, but don’t have a problem with people regifting something I give them. If I give a gift, it is the recipient’s to do with whatever she pleases. Moreover, I don’t mind receiving passed on gifts. Why, how would I kmow?


  4. Hi x this is not related to the above but I would like your advice re sewing machines I have a very basic one, can you suggest a machine ie maybe like you have. I hav tried making an owl bag but the ears altho I followed the pattern around hav come out a peculiar shape … Sort of. Its all down to the machine I believe. Anyway, shame is. Am just n Bristol would love to hav come along to your work shop.just one more thing do u do a regular spot on radio Cornwall thanks for this.


  5. I would not have a problem passing on a gift card or gift, we are finding gift giving harder now as our grandchildren are teenagers especially. More thought is put into the gifts by keeping in touch with their latest hobbies and if in doubt, money but never a lot,just enough to use on what they are saving for or want to choose themselves. Buying gifts for each other has changed too ,last Christmas we put a cap of £10 on our gifts my husband spent it on crunchies for me ,enough treats to last for ages and I got him a book,and Christmas was still great fun! This year will be down to £5. I once bought expensive stockings for Grandmother-in-law, only to be given them later being told that she didn’t know who had bought them for her but would I like them! My friend is making all her gifts for family this year, the news had mixed comments, mostly Oh no!


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