De-clutter and make some money


Hello Dear Reader,

Yesterday, I invited you to take part, should you choose in my month long fiscal fast, I also said that I’d have a clear out and try and make as much money as I’d save. Well, you can join in with this one too and with a little bit of help from yours truly, make a bit more on top as well.

I had a serious de-clutter of DVDS, some of which were Disney films and relics of the long grown up offspring. I could have listed them one by one on an auction site but I wanted them gone and wanted to get a few quid for them too. I used Ziffit which is an online site where you can sell books, DVDs and games for cash. I downloaded the app to my phone and then just scanned the bar codes and instantly was told how much each item would be bought for. If you don’t have a smart phone or tablet, don’t worry as you can go to their website and enter the codes. It soon added up. I had a box full of books and DVDs and I found a box and parcelled them up. I printed off the free label and stuck that on the box and all I had to do was take that to a local drop off point which in my case was a local shop, then scanned the parcel, gave me a receipt and I walked home. I’ll be paid via paypal, which I like as that’s a secure payment. It was easy and I’d got rid of a whole load of clutter in no time at all.

Whilst I was scanning away, I kept thinking that each amount wasn’t very much but I was motivated by space in my office and the total. Each book, each DVD soon meant that I had a tidy amount of return for the small amount of effort.


In a few days, about thirty quid will wing its way to my pay pal account and help towards my extra savings. Now, here’s where you can make some money and a bit more too. If you choose to use the service, you will be able to make an extra 15% on each item that you sell. The code to use is FRUGALQUEEN15. It would be lovely if you could not only share your money saving month but your money making month too.

Go on, make some space. Ziffit.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxx



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16 thoughts on “De-clutter and make some money

  1. Splendid idea, app downloading now, then I’m scanning. I will also be having a huge ebay clear out too. I’ve been stacking boxes of items for months in anticipation of doing this. USPS will pick up for free, but I need to be home, so usually do this once a season. I’ll send in my total & join your challenge for October no spend/save month.


  2. I made £16 from Ziffit last month. I would definitely use them again as it was so quick and easy to do, they didn’t take long to send the money either!


  3. Also have a shed/garage sort out and take any metal objects, old pots and pans, chain links, brass, copper, taps, etc which you might have lying around and take them to a local scrap metal dealer along with a driving licence or passport and a utility bill for ID and they will give you some cash for it. We did this a couple of years ago when we were going to take a load of stuff from our garage to the tip and I started sorting out the metal items and put them in a separate box. We got £45 for something we would have just dumped at the tip!


  4. Thanks for the tip! I downloaded the app yesterday and will be searching out some stuff this weekend. It won’t be much, but will definitely add up here and there. Will be using your code, too. Thanks for sharing x


  5. Thank you so much for the code (and the info about the site). The 15% alone should earn me an extra £28 which is great timing for Christmas. I am a single parent currently unable to work due to various health conditions and I really appreciate all you share on your blog. I have been reading it for quite some time and it has got me through some very difficult times. Thank you.


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