Prepare for a frugal fast? 

Hello Dear Reader,

Every year, I take it upon myself to not spend any money in October. Some times, some of you join in with me. If you’ve never taken part in a fiscal fast, you could try: not spending any money for a day a week in week one, two days in week two and so on. 

Also, you may never have saved up for anything before, what if you could cut back on living costs to save £20 a week and have £80 at the end of the month? I’ll cut back on groceries for the four weeks and have some spare money at the end of the month. When you’re already in a budget or a low income, it can seem impossible to save any more but every year I surprise myself that it can be done.

You could see this as a thrifty reboot? A personal challenge or just because you need to save.

Yesterday, I asked you, do you budget for everything? Today, my question is this, do you put saving first or save what’s left? This could be part of your reboot. When you get paid at the end of the month, you could decide, maybe for the first time to move a budgeted amount of money into a savings account. This month, for you, that may only be £10 by that may be the start of a whole new life style and may even be part of building an emergency fund. 

So there’s my challenge. No spending in October on anything other than food and diesel for the car. I’ll also have a clear out, declutter and try and make as much money as I save. You could join in with that too?

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxx


20 thoughts on “Prepare for a frugal fast? 

  1. Hi Froogs,
    You can count me in, sounds like a great challenge and I love the idea of a reboot!! Like you we already are thrifty and savers but a bit more of that won’t hurt.
    Have a great day


  2. Good idea, am going to try this, every little helps, already done a cupboard/freezer stock take, going to stick to “the list” and just see what we save, since reading your blog I’ve completely changed my way of thinking and shopping… Hence, its never too late to learn. Thank you for all your good sound sensible advice!!! why didn’t I find this site years ago!!!! 😊


  3. I didn’t spend anything (except groceries and bills etc) in August and it made a huge difference. I usually throw myself a birthday party so my friends can get together and I thought of you and cancelled that to save the $. I felt calmer and more in control because for me buying stuff is often tied up with my emotions.

    Count me in!


  4. Payroll savings was my best friend when we were still working. Money came out every pay for our retirement accounts, short term savings accounts, checking accounts from which we paid our bills, etc. My entire check went to bank accounts and my husband’s was cashed and served for groceries, gas for the car, entertainment, kid’s spending money, and all the things we paid cash for in those days. Now all our income goes into the bank by direct deposit and we don’t have a lot of cash for anything any more. Groceries and gas go onto the Mastercard which is paid off monthly. I loved payroll savings—we had a Christmas club too, which included saving for Christmas expenses, but also saving enough to cover the taxes due in January. So nice to have those expenses paid with cash right away!


  5. I am in! I have done a stocktake and a menu plan for October so apart from fresh stuff , fruit, milk, eggs, veg won’t be spending anything in October.
    I am also going to sort out my wardrobes and sell as much as I can on EBay.


  6. I am going to join in too, this will help me save up for my cat’s vet bills and get into the habit. She is a rescue cat but a Bengal and is in to everything! Really good idea to do this together.


  7. I’m in! Known expenses for October are the Car Service, MOT & tax ( all saved & budgeted for), a piece of wood to fix the shed door before winter (sadly I don’t have a piece in the wood pile the right size) and a possible very small treat for myself at the end of the month for my birthday- maybe a new lipstick. After stocking my daughter up for year 2 at uni I need a no spend October.


  8. I’ve thought hard about your post yesterday, and realize I am a horrible budgeter for the long haul. I think this weekend I will be spending some time really looking at our spending patterns-weekly, monthly , quarterly, etc. and see how we can reshape what it truly means to budget, and see if we can first put savings away before the bills. While we have a moving income in our household due to how my husband is paid, I keep trying to live on just my salary and that won’t happen unless we knock the unexpected out of our spending. October seems like a good month to kick start super budgeting, only spending what is planned, and no extras.


  9. I do enjoy a frugal fast. Life has thrown us a bit of a curve ball, but I’m in. My goal is to save 60% of my school term income., until June 2017. Retiring at the end of this school year that extra in our savings will be a blessing. I will have no income for quite awhile so that savings will be hugely important. Besides it’s time to clean out the freezers. Lots of soup/stew meals and cooler weather makes the timing perfect.


  10. I’m in! We have had very hefty vet expenses this month although the little darling is doing much better now. I don’t spend much but it does add up and I really want to get back to menu planning to lose weight and save money.


  11. Sound advice – the only thing I would object to is Warren Buffetts face up there…his image may be squeaky clean, his business practices are another matter entirely…♥nic


  12. Savings first and it is all automatically taken out of paychecks and checking account. It is the best way for us as we do not touch what we feel we did not have.


  13. Sounds like a good idea, I might have a go at your abbreviated fiscal fast ( no spending for a day in week one etc.) That might be enough of a challenge for me to start with!


  14. I don’t save for half of my foreseeable bills bin charges .vets etc.going to really try and not spend in October and simplify my budget and saving plan


  15. Hi, I’d like to join in. A frugal reboot is just what I need to help me reach some goals. I’m really grateful for the posts on organisation and meal planning for the week ahead. I, like you need to use the weekend to get myself on track for the week ahead as I have long working days too and your posts are keeping me on target, thank you.
    I really loved the budgeting post, it has given me a lot to think about, I’m learning so much here.
    I like today’s quote. 🙂


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