What a bargain!

Hello Dear Reader,

I had a trot round our charity shops today on the hunt for books and got three for a pound so that’ll keep me amused for a while. I donate them back when I’ve read them so everyone’s a winner.

Called into the hospice shop and couldn’t believe my eyes. A like new Joules dress for £5! I think some of the charity shops are coming to their senses and are charging less.

A thriller, but if travel writing and an autobiography, oh and a new dress!


Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxx


14 thoughts on “What a bargain!

  1. Well done! Love the dress. Must pop down to Liskeard to have a rummage In the charity shops soon. I also enjoy Tavistock charity shops. Usually find a good designer bargain there. X


  2. Enjoy your books, especially the Year in the Merde. There is an extract in our schoolbook, we study it in class (where Paul West meets his French colleagues and has no clue they really ARE speaking English) and I ordered it for our school library and recommend it each year. The dress looks like it’s been made for you !
    Have a nice Sunday


    • Oh my word what a result! Fair play. Looks very stylish. Think ill have to have a root around ours on the weekend. Don’t it just make you feel good. Love the recipes too keep them coming.

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  3. WOW! great dress. Can easily make it seasonless with the addition of tights, a scarf, a top under or over, a sweater aka “jumper” as you call them. Well done! I splurged on a pair of Joules rainboots in a fun, floral print a few years back. well worth the money, especially compared to Hunter brand.


      • I remain very happy with the quality, hope you feel the same way about the new to you dress. ; ) I paid something like $68 American while Hunter boots cost well over $400. I have a hard (aka large) size to fit. Now that we live on the bus line and I am returning to college, walking in the elements with proper footware is essential.


  4. Definitely a bargain, I think that dress is £59.95 on the Joules website! The Loney book looks good too – I have this backed up on my kindle but haven’t got round to reading it yet. Happy charity shop hunting and have a lovely rest of the weekend.


  5. Looking good, love a bargain! I agree Tavvy is great to charity shop. I go to Ely which is near Cambridge as there are a lot of London commuters there. The charity shops have some great gear in them and the home stuff is like new.


  6. Nice dress! It would be good if charity shops do indeed drop their prices a bit, it was def putting me off. We have some good ones in Heathfield and I have to stop myself going too often, there are only so many tops one person can wear!


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