Buckwheat pancakes with spinach and mushrooms

Hello Dear Reader,

I adored these gluten free galettes when we spent the summer in Brittany. To make these, ideally but not necessarily, you need a crepe pan, which I don’t have in the UK! Sounds like one of those ‘overheard in Waitrose’ conversations. Where’s the crepe pan? Oh, we’ve left it in France! Anyway, I just used a non stick frying pan and made them a bit smaller.

They are a devil to make. There’s no gluten and the aim is to make them as thin as possible. You also have to cook to time and be prepared to waste a couple to grateful dogs as you may not get them right for a few attempts. Buckwheat flour isn’t easy to find, we bought ours in Morrisons but you can probably find it in bigger supermarkets, oh any any shop in Brittany!

You’ll need 

Butter for the pan, apply it with a scrunched up paper towel and just wipe the pan.

A non stick pan, it’ll try and stick to that too!

A palette knife to loosen the edges and turn it.

2 cups of buckwheat flour

1 egg

1 teaspoon salt

5 cups of water

A k mix or paid staff as you have to beat this for what feels like hours.

Add all the ingredients to a mixer and turn into medium, mix for a minute. Use a scraper to make sure you have all the ingredients combined. When you’re sure, turn in the mixer for another ten minutes.

Then, pour into a jug and refrigerate for an hour…..at least.

This is not a supper to make if you’re hungry. You can make these in advance and keep them in the fridge for about twenty four hours.

When you are ready to cook, take them out of the fridge and give it a good stir as it can settle. 

Get a pan very hot and wipe with butter.

Use a ladle to pour in, in my case, for my sized pan, two ladles full and using the handle with the pan raised off the heat, swirl the batter around the pan. They need to be thin.

Cook for two minutes on each side. You’ll need to loosen off the edges, slide the knife underneath whilst trying not to ruin the pan. If it’s under cooked it’ll taste doughy.

I cooked all if them consecutively, kept them on a plate.

I sliced mushrooms in butter, added salt and garlic, then popped in about ten nuggets of frozen spinach and allowed it to defrost and then cook through. Keep the heat very low whilst you do this.

When you are ready to assemble, pop a galette back in a pan and warm through and spoon in some of the spinach and mushrooms, I added a sprinkle of grated mature cheddar and we had two galettes each. We, as we learned in France, ate our salad first then our galettes.

They take patience and practice but they are heavenly if a little work to make them.

It’s like child birth, I promise, you’ll forget the pain as soon as it’s over.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxx


7 thoughts on “Buckwheat pancakes with spinach and mushrooms

  1. These look delicious so will give them a try. Also I tried your GF cheese sauce yesterday with great success, made enough for 2 meals so had easy lunch today. Many thanks for all your recipes Froogs.


  2. About how many does the recipe make? It sounds like quite a bit, but that’s not a bad thing. Just figuring out how much time is needed to make them. Thank you, these look delicious!


  3. 5 cups water seemed way too much.. maybe my cup was wrong size!! but I used the same measure for the buckwheat and it was way too runny. anyway.. will report on the final result.. it is in the fridge now.


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