Menu plan for the week ahead 

Hello Dear Reader,

Quick pop in and out today as I’m spending time with family. 

A quick stock check and a rifle through my cookery books and a quick plan. Some can be cooked in advance and added to on the day. Some additions to meals can be prepared in the morning before work and then added to later in the day. Some recipes can be prepared in the slow cooker and finished in the oven.

My menu plan isn’t rigid. I might change it as the mood takes me. I might make double portions and freeze some for another day. I’ve already decided to change Stilton scones to cheddar scones as I have cheddar. All our meals usually have the addition of salad or veggies. There’s always the option of toast for breakfast. Lunch can be leftovers that we can reheat at work.

In case you can’t read my writing.

Roast pork – again, pork is still half the price of beef or lamb.

Pulled pork wraps with barbeque sauce.

Coq au vin, mashed potatoes with leeks and veggies.

Honey and mustard sausages with colcannon

Braised beef topped with cheese scones and veggies

Spicy squash, chickpea and spinach stew with brown rice

Fish pie with veggies


Breakfast – muesli and yogurt/toast

Lunch – sandwich/banana – leftovers 

I’ll pop recipe up as I cook over the weekend or through the week.

Until tomorrow or later,

Love Froogs xxxx


6 thoughts on “Menu plan for the week ahead 

  1. I tend to be a bit on the looser side about menu planning. Different things are bought because they are less expensive than the original plan. Often meals are moved around because it is too hot for a roast or stew or no one is hungry enough for a full on meal. Antipasti plates are summer favourite here.

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  2. You have just saved me an hour of my weekend. Thank you so much – wish you would post your plan every week! I have cognitive difficulties due to epilepsy and planning what the family are going to eat over the week literally takes me hours! Off to ALDI I go with my list!


  3. My word yes please that would be an incredibly kind thing to do. Unfortunately the medication I need to take to let me be a functioning mum also makes me completely brain dead. I was in and out of Aldi this afternoon in half an hour! Thank you SO much x

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