Making and freezing pasta sauce 

Hello Dear Reader,

One of the best thing you can have in the freezer is anything that goes with pasta. If you can get hold of cooking bacon, it’s great to fry with chopped mushrooms and leeks. I bought a kilo of sliced frozen leeks for about a pound and used half of them.

After frying the bacon, leeks and mushrooms. I don’t add any fat as the bacon has enough itself. I then stir everything together and heat through.

To freeze the pasta sauce mix, I line two plastic containers with freezer bags and pour the sauce in. I allow to cool and then tie the bags, leaving them in the containers and freeze. When they are frozen, I take them out of the containers and leave the sauce in the freezer.

These bags of pasta sauce can stay in my freezer for a couple weeks or until we need it. When we want to have pasta for supper, I’ll take the sauce out of the freezer before I go to work, and leave it in a dish to defrost. I’ll get home, cook the pasta which I’ll then drain and stir through the pasta sauce and heat through on a gentle heat. 

It’s a real quick ready meal for us and great on a weekday. I drive past takeaways on my way home and see the tea time queues. I’m sure they’ve had busy days and just don’t feel like cooking. Everyone has days like this, I know I do. 

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxx


8 thoughts on “Making and freezing pasta sauce 

  1. Are the vegetables mixed up into a white sauce or a cheese sauce before freezing? If so, do you use flour or cornstarch (cornflour) to make the space?

    It looks delicious


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