Cooking for the freezer – fish pie

Hello Dear Reader,

Even though I have meals in the freezer for a few days, I’m adding to the stock of ready meals. We’re going to face terrible roadworks for months ahead and our commute will make us late home. There’s nothing worse than getting home tired and hungry and having to cook from scratch. When I’ve done that, I’ve ended up with beans on toast!

You can put any fish you like in a fish pie, but I used £1.50 pack of frozen pollock and a £1 pack of kippers. I defrosted them and cut them into chunks and added them to a pie dish.

I then made a batch of cheese sauce

100g of margarine or butter

175g of mature basics cheddar grated

75g cornflour

1 litre skimmed milk

1/4 teaspoon of grated nutmeg,

Salt and pepper

Combine the lot in a large plastic jug, I have a two litre jug, microwave on full heat for five minutes.

Take out and whisk 

Keep microwaving in two minute intervals until thickened. This was more cheese sauce than I needed but I froze the extra sauce in margarine tubs and froze it so there’s some for another time.

Before I add the cheese sauce, I added a handful of frozen peas to each pie, then poured on the sauce and stirred through.

Top with mashed potato and grill until brown. Allow to cool and wrap then freeze.

When I want one of these and each serves two, I’ll take them out of the freezer in the morning and cook at 180 fan when I get home for 20-30 minutes. I’ll serve this with veggies. 

This could be made cheaper by omitting the cheese, or just having one fish but I always add a smoked fish and I found the kippers in the freezer section. Kippers are smoked herring.

I’m going to share my ‘cooking for the freezer’ this week as well as some bulk cooking or cooking ahead tips, from packed lunches to cakes. I love having those meals ready as I’m always hungry after a busy day and often tired and need to give myself a break. I’m sure you’re the same. 

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxx


13 thoughts on “Cooking for the freezer – fish pie

  1. A random long time lurker over here, but this is exactly what i have been looking foras buying the already made fish pies and putting them in the microwave (admirals pie ect) this is great 🙂

    You have really inspired me to change the way im living my life 🙂


  2. I always prepare for the week ahead it’s the only way to save money, and to take the pressure off cooking from scratch when you have 3 very hungry teenagers.Keeping to a routine saves money,time and stress “keep it up froogs”


  3. Always like it when you do this sort of thing as it inspires me to add to my frozen food ‘collection’. I often make my own shepherd’s pie portions which are practically shepherdess pie whilst I make husband and dd the full meat version. I also top mine with sweet potato which is more appropriate for diabetics. I like to cook from scratch so extra portions in the freezer means a quick meal with very little washing up. Thank you again for your ideas.


  4. Sounds lovely!! Another cook for the freezer idea . If yr lucky enough to get wind fall apples, stew let them cool add to freezer dishes, whizz in processor a packet of aldi or lidle ginger biscuits or yr choice top apples and you have a cheap pudding for around 35p I made five small pudding dish and one medium size foil dish. Lovely served with custard.


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