Prep and packing for the working week 

carrot cake, potioned, wrapped and ready for lunch boxes Hello Dear Reader,

I’m already for next week. The planning, the power points, the resources, the lesson plans, shoes have been cleaned, my school bag is packed and my smart clothes are all ready. I’m always happy to get back to work and I’m looking forward to autumn, the mist and then the frosty mornings that tell us that winter’s on the way. I love our changing seasons. 

I thrive on routine and have a pattern to my life when I’m back at work, I get everything ready at the weekend. I had a similar routine when my children were young, everything was ready by Sunday. 

Of topic for a moment, I love feta cheese but I can cope with, almost like feta. All the major supermarkets seem to do their own version of this, Morrison’s is 75p.

Here was yesterday’s supper, roast sweet potato, feta cheese, guacamole, spinach and red pepper frittata and salad. That’s part of my routine, I like to make  something really delicious for Saturday night supper. 

More weekend routine is Sunday lunch and I always cook double as I don’t cook on Mondays.  This week was mock roast, sausages in bacon, gluten free homemade stuffing balls, roast potatoes and veggies with gravy. We’ll eat the same again tomorrow night. 

The weather feels autumnal and in case we get chilly weekend, DB’s chopped a couple of baskets of kindling.

I’ve made DB’s sandwiches for the week. Certain sandwich fillings are fine if put in the fridge for the week. I grate cheddar, mix that with chutney and he has that with a slice of ham.

They are wrapped for the week. I’ve also made carrot cake, portioned that and wrapped it all in foil and it’s all in the fridge ready to go. 

Normal routine resumes tomorrow and I’m really looking to it.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxxx


10 thoughts on “Prep and packing for the working week 

  1. Thanks as always for yr interesting read wer on holiday in Aberfeldy, hav a great aldi up here a weeks worth of holiday shopping plus three bottles of wine came in at £51. Result. Thanks to you wer making goof savings. Boss even bought bread flour for s rainy day … Does it actually rain I Scotland!!! Oh yes. Great reading once again.


  2. Very organised! The rest of the week should run like clockwork! My daughter starts her very first teaching job tomorrow, secondary English, years 7 to 10. Good luck to all the teachers out there, you all do a very demanding job!


  3. Those butties look like dockers butties! Sorted all our teas out – in the freezer. Like yourself, I’m ready for the start of term. I used the last few days to audit the freezer, plan the menu then batch cook. It is so easy to ‘just nip’ the shop even though we didn’t buy anything processed.
    Following you on Facebook has given me the kick up the backside I needed.
    The plan is a £10 shop for fresh veg, milk, eggs as needed a week. Thanks for the reminder and good luck Monday morning.

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  4. I made a mock roast for us today too – your meatloaf recipe! Made 2 so have one in the freezer for later. Boiled up a chicken carcass and made a huge vat of soup and baked a chocolate cake for hubby.
    Did a freezer stocktake today and have amended my meal plan to use up some odds and ends. Every little helps!

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  5. I love that ‘back to school’ feeling that is in the air at the moment, although I have no-one but grandchildren I don’t see going back to school, and two … shock horror … that have left and gone into gainful employment..

    Autumn is my absolute favourite time of year, the odd warm or even hot days are tempered with cool damp starts and mists rolling in at dusk, with the days shortening very satisfactorily. The hunkering down ready for colder weather is what I do best, and preserving the Summer’s worth of fruit and vegetable keeps me busy and, admittedly sometimes stressed, but once it’s done the pressure is almost instantly off and it’s time to look forward to relaxing evenings by the log burner with good books and good films.


  6. Hi,I have been reading back through your Blog for a while now,you always have such sensible money saving advice.I am recently separated from my husband of 30 years and finding myself alone emotionally has been very hard,but coming to terms with the fact that there is now only me to pay the bills in my new rented home,running a car etc has been somewhat daunting.I have taken on board many of your ideas to cut costs and make every penny count.I call at the local supermarket on the way home at night where I find so many fresh food items reduced to silly prices at the end of the day,things that I was happily buying at full price when I didn’t have to think about it.
    My house has an Aga that runs on oil,I knew it would cost a small fortune to cook on it,reading back through your posts about a mini oven and how much cheaper they are to run I bought a Cookworks mini oven from Argos-how fabulous are they!
    I am a crafter and have spending my evenings making items to sell to raise some money for Christmas this year-I don’t sew but after being inspired by you making your Yoosta- Bee bags I used the skills that I have to make cards and simple jewellery-you are right that we all have a way to earn extra pennies,you just have to put your mind to it and find out what you can do.

    Thank you for taking the time to Blog and share your ideas,you obviously lead a busy,busy life and I am sure you don’t have too much free time.

    Hugs,Jenna xxxx

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  7. Hiya what sandwiches could I make in week worth batches and freeze please this would make the packed lunches task so much easier as I have time at the weekends only.


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