Gluten free Scotch eggs 

Hello Dear Reader,

I love a Scotch egg but I’ve never seen a gluten free one in the supermarket. I always prefer homemade as they are very simple to make.


2 hard boiled eggs

4 small gluten free sausages – skinned and flattened out.

1 egg beaten

4 slices of gluten free bread, use a food processor to turn into bread crumbs


Heat the oven to 180 and toast the bread crumbs turning every five minutes until they are crispy .

Flour the board and pat the sausage meat flat, then wrap the eggs in sausage meat, roll in beaten egg and then the breadcrumbs until very well coated. 

Fry in shallow oil, only enough to crisp up the bread crumbs. Place in the oven for fifteen minutes, lightly place a piece of foil on top so they don’t burn. Don’t wrap or they won’t stay crispy. 

Served with chutney for DB, that I can’t eat ….has anyone seen a version of Branston pickle that a coeliac can eat? The sausage meat has onions and mushrooms in it and the bread was Schar if anyone’s interested. 

They freeze well, they are great cold in a picnic or packed lunch or if you’re greedy, have a whole one with salad for lunch.

Until later,

Love Froogs xxxx


11 thoughts on “Gluten free Scotch eggs 

  1. Hi Froogs, I’m doing a cookery demo in a few weeks on choux pastry and one of the attendees is gluten free – have you ever tried to make choux pastry from gluten free flour? I guess its similar to yorkshire puds, do you find those a success? Thanks!


  2. Is this recipe GF? It seems it to me but I only have a sensitive, not an allergic daughter. If it’s the malt vinegar that upsets you like you mentioned above this one might be ok. It’s an Aussie version, so probably not 100% authentic, but near enough, and I know you can get GF cornflour here.
    Branston Pickle
    250g carrots, peeled
    3 small turnips, peeled
    10 fat cloves of garlic (and yes, you do need that much!)
    200g chopped dried apricots
    200g chopped prunes
    200g chopped raisins
    1 medium cauliflower
    2 large onions, peeled
    2 apples, peeled and cored
    2 zucchini, unpeeled
    225g dark brown sugar
    A pinch or two of salt
    60ml lemon juice
    350ml cider vinegar
    200ml Worcestershire sauce
    2 tsp mustard seeds
    1 tbsp mustard powder
    1 tsp allspice
    A good, hearty pinch of black pepper
    1 tbsp cornflour

    Cut all the ingredients into small (approximately 6mm) cubes. This is a lot easier if you have a mandolin cutter, but if not, settle down into a comfy position and start with a sharp vegetable knife!
    Mix all the ingredients, apart from the cornflour, in a large preserving pan and heat, stirring constantly to stop the ingredients catching on the bottom of the pan.
    Bring the mixture to the boil, then reduce to a simmer for 1½– 2 hours, or until the harder ingredients such as the turnips have softened. Stir regularly to stop the mixture sticking to the bottom of the pot.
    Take out a ladle of the liquid, put it in a small bowl together with the cornflour and mix to a paste, then return it to the pan and stir very well to mix it in and distribute it evenly.
    Cook for 5 minutes, then remove from the heat and bottle into hot, sterilised jars, then seal.
    Leave them to stand in a cool dark place to mature for at least 1 month before opening and using.

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  3. Hi – I use Heinz Ploughman’s pickle which is gluten free and realy nice. Pretty much the same as lovely Branston pickle (if my memory serves me correctly). Goes great in cheese and pickle gluten free sandwiches when I feel the need to eat ‘like I used to eat’ again!


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