Gluten free Sunday Lunch with spares

Hello Dear Reader,
As a total tightwad, a roast chicken stretches to eight portions. Most of supper is veggies with some homemade gluten free stuffing. The rest of this rubber chicken will be stripped from the bone and will be made into a chicken and bacon pie. 

Gluten free stuffing.

You’ll need

1 onion , chopped and fried in some oil until soft.

5 slices of gluten free bread – blitzed in the food processor.

2 heaped teaspoons dried sage

Salt and pepper to your taste 

2 beaten eggs.

Shape into balls.

Balls! Roast with some oil on their own if you choose.

If you want, add to to your roast for the last twenty minutes. 

I wait until the chicken has gone completely cold then I’ll pick all the meat off. Gluten free pastry isn’t easy to make but like gluten free stuffing, it’s not something I can buy round these parts so pies are also homemade. 

We’re all at it, aren’t we? Stretching everything to make every penny count. Does anyone have a favourite chicken pie recipe?

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxx


10 thoughts on “Gluten free Sunday Lunch with spares

  1. Very similar tea here , though ours was a £1.50 chicken factory reject , they’re rejects because they’re laid on their side in the cook in the bag , doesn make an ounce of difference to the taste


  2. I love reading your blog and have loved sharing your French adventures. I try to be Frugal but doesn’t also quite work out. Your dinner looks delicious. Have you not found Sillyak pastry in a local Tesco? Not freezable and or course not cheap but to be fair I can make me and hubby a chicken and leek pie and have enough leftover to make a small case for a pudding, or little tarts. I always see if theres any in the reduced section!


  3. Froogs, did you syphon off the assumed broth from the bottom of the pan before adding the stuffing balls? I prefer to strip a carcass while it’s still warm, find it easier than when stone cold. I make a stock, naturally, in the crock pot. I’d then use that stock as a base for a chicken pot pie, if that was on the menu.


  4. Yesterday cooked a 4kg turkey that I bought reduced in Morrisons for £7!
    It fed five of us for dinner and the leftovers are going into a turkey pie and a stir fry.


  5. Am loving all these fab recipes hav tried using all my veggies etc throughout month of July! Yeah result lots of savings.. But dire consequences with big boss and days of sprouts. Thank you ladies, nxt time going to make the chicken/bacon pie. Always lovely reading yr blog.


  6. I do make an easy chicken pie, come to think about it. Pastry for two crust pie. I make my own, using a low fat crust these days, although it’s not quite as good as my old favorite made with hydrogenated shortening or lard. The insides consist of a 16 oz. package of frozen veg–carrots, cauliflower, and broccoli, mixed with about a cup or cup and a half of chopped, cooked chicken, in about two cups of chicken stock made into a gravy. Mix all the inside ingredients and put into bottom pie shell. Shred about 4 oz. good cheddar. Sprinkle half the cheese on top of the inside of the pie. Add the top crust, cut some vent holes, and bake at 350 degrees F for about an hour, sprinkling the second half of the grated cheddar on top about ten minutes before it is done. Serve with a side salad, and dinner is served. This serves about 6 portions. For reheating, you might want a little more gravy to serve with it the second time. You can substitute leftover or fresh veg instead of frozen, of course, and other vegs if you prefer. This looks quite lovely if you have guests, with the melted cheese on top. Makes it a bit special.

    I cook without salt, but you can certainly add salt and pepper, and whatever herbs you prefer to mix with the inside ingredients. Mine vary according to my mood, but pepper for sure.


  7. Welcome back, we have a few favourites, I’ll poach a big chicken and usually get a variety of dishes out including pie,curry,a pasta dish and a big jug of chicken stock, which saves on stock cubes. But if l had the choice a good old fashioned home made chicken pie which l may add l love making.


  8. I do stuffing with garlic and parsley , this way :
    a clove of finely chopped garlic,
    two branches of parsley
    bread crumbs
    Beat eggs well , add the chopped garlic and parsley , gradually add the breadcrumbs until desired consistency ,
    then balls are made and fried in olive oil.
    Allowed to drain on paper towels .

    You can be added to soups , stews, vegetable, and meat stews or can be taken alone or with tomato sauce paprika as an appetizer.
    I hope you like it.


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