Greys and grub

Hello Dear Reader,

I popped into the hair dressers today. I’ll give up most things but a decent hair cut isn’t one of them. I had half my hair cut off, I’m going to grow my grey hair out and as it grows at an inch a month, I’ll have an inch a month cut off and it should be all grey in about eighteen months. Today it was cut to give it a head start. 

My hair dresser, Emma had a great time cutting my hair today and it was a pleasant half hour getting rid of it, I feel lighter.

After a moment of glamour, it’s back to home cooking, laundry and the dishes. Here’s a behind the scenes shot of the mess the other side of the room when I’m preparing food on the other side of the room.

Lunch was quinoa, beetroot, homemade hummus, tofu and salad, nothing French just plain home cooking, or at least assembly, supper was homemade fish and chips. Defrosted some pollock at less than 40p a fillet and a couple of large potatoes cut into chips so fish and chips for about 60p. This morning I was pampered and this afternoon it’s been back to domestics and the simple life and getting through a pile of ironing and some cleaning. 

Tomorrow is budget day where we sit down and look at the finances and put together long term and projections that we have to work towards. I felt I needed a day off today and just pottered around the kitchen with my pinny on flitting between the kitchen and dining room and keeping people fed. 

I’ll get back to the grind tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxxx


24 thoughts on “Greys and grub

  1. It looks great, you don’t have a tide line at all. I had to go grey as the hair at the back of my head was still very dark (so I couldn’t go blonde) but the hair at the front was quite white (so if I went dark I had roots within two weeks). I have never regretted it. We did a bit of travelling in Europe this summer and one thing I noticed is that smart French women are not afraid to go grey. But Germans ( and to some extent Italians) wouldn’t dream of it. But it looks wrong, somehow.


  2. Looking forward to some more recipes and thriftyness. Have certainly saved since reading your blog. Glad you had a lovely holiday and your hair looks really great.


  3. Your hair cut looks great. However dying your hair doesn’t have to be expensive. My roots are white. I dye my hair every four weeks with Loreal dark golden blonde, which comes out looking like natural red hair. I buy it when it’s on special for $12. I get compliments on my hair colour so it must look okay.


  4. I had a rest from highlighting my hair for a year, unfortunately my greys made me look like a badger so its back to highlights for me!
    Love the cut Froogs! It will be interesting to watch your transformation ver the next few months but i reckon you’ll rock grey hair!


  5. I love your hair too. I put a rinse on mine a few times and decided it was way too much trouble. I am partially gray but still have a lot of red. My 52 year old daughter is actually as gray or more gray than I am at 73–obviously she got her father’s genes, as he was gray by 30. But his beard still came in red for a few years. When his beard turned gray, he gave up and shaved it off! Originally we were an entire family of gingers!! Mine is much shorter than yours, but I tend to get it cut and then let it grow for a bit and eventually get it cut again. It’s dead straight, so I just curl the ends a bit and let it go. Nothing easier.


  6. You look wonderful – the shorter length suits you. Thankyou for sharing your French sojourn. The transformation of your French home is amazing. You will both have many years of enjoyment there.


  7. Your hair looks beautiful, Jane. The new length suits you. I agree with marybaltic, look to the stylish middle-aged ladies of Paris. A good haircut is they key, the mixture of natural grey and your natural colour looks wonderful and will look even better each month that passes.


  8. You are brave and it looks good! I am still dying mine although I expect I will give in and grow it out at some point. It costs me very little as I do it myself and only mix up half a box at a time. However I also go to the hairdresser – I’m frugal but not hard core enough to cut it myself 😀

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    • I started by dying it myself and it didn’t cost much but over time I trashed my own hair as I didn’t just dye the roots. I’ve been at the hair dressers for about three years. I woke up in France seeing older French women on the TV who look natural and realized I’d succumbed to ‘how a woman should look’ which in the UK is young or fake young. I’m not doing it any more.


  9. I stopped dyeing mine in June 2015. Had about 6 inches cut off. Now got silver highlights which glitter in the sun. Like you I had long dark hair and the ends were almost black. It has felt so liberating just to stop dyeing.


  10. I have been thinking about this all day and I think you may have a point. I was walking behind a lady at the shops today, she had beautiful blonde curls. She turned around and I swear she must have been eighty. Good luck to her but it is kind of weird. I have ordered the book. ‘Going Gray: What I Learned about Beauty, Sex, Work, Motherhood, Authenticity, and Everything Else That Really Matters’ by Anne Kreamer.


  11. Love the hair, going natural is the way to go. My grandmother was French, a city girl born in St Germain- des-Pres and she and her sisters and friends never dyed their hair. She encouraged her daughters to follow her example; my mother and her older sister are naturally grey and look stunning and elegant. My mothers younger sister has her hair coloured, but admits to wishing she had the courage to go grey, but every time her husband notices a grey hair he insists she goes to the hairdresser! His mother is in her nineties and still dyes her hair dark brown. We imagine that is why he is uncomfortable seeing his wife with grey hair. He’s just not used to women in his family going grey.


  12. Jane, your hair looks great! I stopped coloring my hair at age 51 as my scalp just did not like the dye anymore. Once you are Ready then the growing out period is not bad. I kept my hair shoulder length throughout. It took approximately 18 months and those who kept saying that I would not like it are the same people who now tell me how beautiful it is. I always knew I would love my hair grey, but I really had to tune out those naysayers. At 54 I feel like my authentic self, if that makes any sense. And, the color really suits my complexion, and I think it makes me look younger. I have trim every 6-8 weeks and use a good shampoo and conditioner. It is also so wonderful not to be a slave to those roots!!!! Love your blog. xoxo Michelle


  13. I let my hair go grey a couple of years ago and have never looked back – I have a white streak at the front and often get compliments. I actually prefer it to when it was brown! Go for it!


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