Nearly time to go home


Huelgoat Lake 25/12/15

Hello Dear Reader,

Our five weeks in France is almost up. We have those ‘lock up and leave’ jobs to do. We need to stocktake and make a list of what we need to take home and what we need to bring with us next time. Lovely cheese here, but five weeks without chutney?  We need to make a list of things we need to do next time and mentally prepare as well as financially prepare. 

We’re not coming back for four months by which time it will be the Christmas and we’ll take frosty forest and lakeside walks. In the meantime, it’s back to Cornwall and our everyday lives.

We’ll set a new budget, evaluate our savings, make meals plans, budget for ferry trips and keep up with mortgage over payments. Life will be thrifty, bargain filled and remain focused on us both retiring at sixty instead of sixty eight and sticking to a financial plan so we can do that.

Thanks for sharing our trip with us.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxx


9 thoughts on “Nearly time to go home

  1. Onwards and upwards Frugal Queen 🙂
    Happy for you that you’ve had holidays in between planned “work”
    Thanks for sharing your journey. It makes for great reading and a “holiday escape” for us readers. All the best for your next step and planning .
    Alexa-asimplelife visiting from a soggy and cold Sydney, Australia


  2. I suppose one consolation is you’re gong home to Cornwall, beautiful part of the world. I work in a school too so know that end of holidays feeling. It’s always fine once I’m actually there it’s just the thought of losing time to have a life outside of work!


  3. How fortunate you are to have two homes, both in lovely areas. This is the kind of living people are able to have when they live loving and frugal lives. Early retirement is a gift we’ve worked hard to give to ourselves, also.


  4. Random thought – will you be spending Christmas there? If so, what a wonderful way to escape all the unnecessary expenses. We have a very very small Xmas budget, but still find it awkward saying “no” to drinks or telling family not to buy us gifts, as we won’t be reciprocating!


  5. Hi Froogs, so glad you’ve had a great time in your future retirement home. You have both worked yours butts off and have had a bit of a relax. It is lovely to go away and equally lovely to return home. I have a saying – If you don’t plan, you don’t do! You are doing what I do to achieve your goals. Plan, budget and plan some more. Enjoy going home, to your other home. Safe travels


  6. Well thank you for taking us along on your adventure, I love the walks and photos of places I may never get to (it’s a long drive from Idaho! smile). You have been like those old ‘travelogues’ they used to have on TV!! Love seeing the scenery and you do well at describing the ‘feel’ of the place! Hope the trip home is uneventful!


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