Last few days

Hello Dear Reader,

We’re off to Blighty on Thursday and are enjoying the last days of sunshine. The dogs are loving it too. We walk in the early mornings and later evening and we love investigating the back streets and by ways.

These crepes are made in Huelgoat and I tried them as they’re only 27% wheat flour, they were lovely but I had a very severe reaction and although I can recommend them, I won’t be eating any more.

We love the walks in the ancient alleyway that lead up and down from the canals to the old town. I can imagine carts with ponies coming up from the silver mines and how many feet would have walked these pathways. 

Here’s our favourite doggy walk from our street down to the lavoir and fontaine. We often find camper vans here and the lavoir cloudy after people have washed their clothes there.

You can still see the bloom from the soap. People kneel either side and wash their clothes against the granite. There’s a constant stream of water through the lavoir but like a swimming pool, it takes a while to refill. It’s maintained for people to use, it makes sense doesn’t it that everyone should have somewhere to wash their clothes and everyone no matter how skint you are should have clean clothes? 

Our little town of Huelgoat has a camping aire, which is where camping cars can park overnight. You can see here that our camping aire is very popular. It was 4€ to park there for the night.

We walking past the aire and past the municipale campsite which again is a facility provided by the community at a reasonable charge. It runs alongside the river.

Two hundred metres along the river is the public swimming pool which is only open in July and August. This again, is funded locally for the locals and visitors to enjoy

I love the French attitude that everyone can have access to a holiday, exercise and public facilities. It doesn’t cost much to get away for the weekend or a holiday and local towns make sure there are walks, trails and places that are free or very cheap to exercise.

I think that 2.50€ for an un timed swim is just brilliant.

I’ve totally fallen in love with this little French town of Huelgoat, the walks by the rivers and lake, the forest, through the back streets and alleyways. If I can persuade just one of you to drop by whilst in Brittany then my job is done. Maybe drive by in your camping car, pitch your tent in the camping municipale or rent a gite in the town or nearby. Stop a while or a few days or just stay forever. 

It’s only eighteen weeks until Christmas when we’ll be back again. If you visit before then, drop me a line and let me know.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxxx


9 thoughts on “Last few days

  1. Oh Froogs, it looks just beautiful, being surrounded by history every day must be lovely. There seems to be a peaceful feeling about the place. Enjoy the rest of your holiday. I would love to drop by one day but in reality its probably years away.

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  2. What a beautiful people friendly town you live in 🙂
    Love the picture of camper vans all lined up and in an ancient town where you can wash your clothes by hand in a pool by the stream .
    Those rock walls say it all…there’s history here.
    Alexa-asimplelife visiting from Sydney, Australia


  3. It looks lovely. My parents have a second home in Normandy, in a tiny little hamlet just outside a gorgeous village. It’s full of odd balls, eco nuts and writers (both French and other nationalities) and my absolute favourite thing is the open air dances in the square on a Saturday afternoon. All the elderly put on their glad rags and throw themselves in! The rest of the week you can see them drinking coffee and wine, and eating, at cafés all day. They don’t seem to be able to spare the cash here 😦 It’s just a different life.

    I’ve also found the campsites SO much cheaper in France. We’ve actually decided to go to Kenya next year (it’ll be free apart from flights!) but the year after I want to spend a good few weeks vineyard hopping. England is becoming almost prohibitively expensive to holiday in.


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