Just loving it

Hello Dear Reader,

We’ve had a quiet day, mooching around the village. It poured with rain last night and has been gently damp all day. This afternoon we had some lovely visitors, tea, cake and a chat. Later, we went for a poke round the village when we ok the dogs out. It was late enough that people had shut their shutters and everywhere felt as if it were under some kind of spell. It’s either spooky or magical depending on your point of view. 

I thought I’d share a few Maison de Thrift piccies. We’re not finished but I’m still having fun adding a few touches.

The garden clock and kitchen roll holders were donation from mum.

The stairs were built by DB. Tomorrow he’s building the spare bed and I get to plan what I’m going to do with the room. We have three rooms that are currently empty and not being used yet.

Tomorrow we have friends popping round, and a walk later. It’s been a quiet holiday of plonking around a French village with intermittent building work, socialising, reading and putting our feet up.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxx


7 thoughts on “Just loving it

  1. I cannot tell you how much fun it is to follow along on your adventure. Working on our own fixer upper, paying as we go, you keep us motivated to look for the deals, do it ourselves and take a break now and then, thanks for sharing!


  2. Looks idyllic. I absolutely love that poster! We’re in debt so in *panic mode* and I haven’t bought a single wall hanging for our entire house, apart from a second hand mirror (so we can see what our hair looks like before work!). I do believe a poster will absolutely delight me when I finally feel I can breathe again.

    Can’t wait for more flashes of your beautiful new home x


  3. Everything is looking lovely. Can’t believe how much you have done, soaking up all your information as we have just started the journey of looking at French houses. Hoping to get over in Jan/ Feb for our first viewings. Take care, Lynda X


  4. I’ve just caught up on all your July and August posts. (I normally read daily but have been swamped at work.) How satisfying all your work must be! It’s great to live vicariously through your blog. A holiday house in France would never be doable from my side of the world.

    I am planning a trip to France next year. Ive always wanted to visit Brittany and your posts have made me determined to do so. Of course after travelling so far, it won’t be a relaxing in the garden and enjoying the warmth sort of holiday. I do that here in Australia. But I can’t wait to walk up to buy bread and have slow days in a village and people watch. Just over a year to go for our big trip.

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