A trip to Emmaüs in Morlaix

Hello Dear Reader,

The sun has gone so we headed off to Morlaix to Emmaüs a big French charity that sells household items. I’ve hard about it, that it’s cheap and there’s something for everybody. It’s better than that, it’s amazing. I eyed up several pieces of furniture as I have three empty rooms to furnish for guests. You’re coming soon, right? 

Today, I bought a magazine rack that’ll be a side table for the lounge, a little cupboard that’ll be a lamp stand in the lounge too. There’s also bedside table. Like my house in Cornwall, nothing will match and that doesn’t bother me a bit. The tables cost 10€ each or £8.50 in sterling.

We arrived first as we under estimated how long it would take to find it and get there. We shopped and had gone in twenty minutes by which time the place was rammed as they only open twice a week and for very short hours. You find something you like, find a member of staff, tell them you want to buy it and they give you a ticket saying what to pay and you find a little booth and pay a very grumpy man who didn’t want me to pay so early and didn’t like me not having the exact money. So, linger, buy slower and take plenty of coins.

I also splashed out 6€ for a poster in a frame for me, very unlike me to buy frippery but it is yellow and summery and my plain house needs some colour. I also bought a present for my parents that I can’t show here, as mum, I know you’re reading xxx

Here’s Emmaüs on the outskirts of Morlaix, open Wednesday afternoon and Saturday morning, closed two hours for lunch and then Saturday afternoon. It’s utterly brilliant for furniture, household linens, household items and anything for children. I shall go back for furniture on future trips and will arrive with a hire van and not leave until I’ve filled it.

Thanks to Jenny for telling me about the place, it’s amazing!

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxx


21 thoughts on “A trip to Emmaüs in Morlaix

  1. I used to be a buy new and matching type of girl, until we started living within our means about 7 years ago, we now buy mostly second hand furniture and upcycle when necessary. Unmatching solid wood furniture adds charachter and will last. Cant wait to do what you’re doing one day! x


  2. great finds, looking forward to your upcycling…we have ReStore here in the USA…helps fund Habitat For Humanity…so far have only donated to them when combining households…


  3. I’ve furnished all my home from antique auctions – which sounds a bit rich – but when you think back in the day I got a 1930s oak wardrobe, chest of drawers an dressing table for £3 you cann see why! My favourite place is Mrogan Evans at Gaerwen on Anglesey. I can still find bargains when I go there 🙂


  4. Great place to get things..if I need things to match, I can use a can of paint! Glad you are taking some time to relax. The house looks terrific!


  5. I’m jealous I’m on the wrong side of the Atlantic to shop there. Not that I need anything—put out big bucks today for a refrigerator, but figure it should outlast us, so not a problem! I went to 4 stores and looked at them until they started all looking the same. So I bought one and it will be delivered tomorrow. Our old one is still working. No wonder tomorrow is available for delivery. If it were not working, would probably have to wait a week for delivery!! It is old and barely cooling enough, however, so it was time.


  6. Enjoy seeing how the French house is coming along. Its amazing how much money we can save when we put our minds to it, from growing our own ‘bagged salad leaves’ to acquiring a new ‘second hand’ bedside table. People say the cost of living is expensive, but it’s really the cost of living wastefully that’s expensive.


  7. I much prefer a more eclectic style.Your Cornwall cottage looks gorgeous too, you have a good eye for putting things together. xx


  8. They look lovely!

    If they’re for guest rooms (if and when you have the energy!) I’d take advantage of some glorious weather and go crazy with some white paint. Distressed white furniture would look just lovely.

    On the other hand, I also think that the charm of many French homes is that they look so “lived in”, with crumbling plaster and well-loved furniture, yet somehow seem to encapsulate the shabby chic look that the Annie Sloane/Cath Kidston lovers miss completely.


  9. We have a very large one near Cambridge . I furnished a holiday flat on the Norfolk coast from there and then gave them the stuff back when I sold it. The one in Cambridge is not so good or as cheap as it used to be. I think like all the charity shops they have loads of dealers who get the best stuff


  10. Great finds! I love France. You are so lucky.
    We have Emmaus here in Colchester too. I never buy new furniture so usually start tree and in the British Heart Foundation furniture shop if we need any.


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