It’s hot today 

Hello Dear Reader,

It’s lovely and hot. Huelgoat is packed with tourists and I don’t really notice them unless I walk into the square to get DB’s bread. We don’t need much to have a really great time. We’ve got books, including library books, the fluffies are great fun especially as they’ve mastered both flights of steep French stairs. We’ve made some lovely friends and we’ve been really sociable since we’ve been here.

I’ve spent the afternoon in the garden, it’s too hot to go far. We hope to go to Emmaus tomorrow afternoon a half hour journey away in Morlaix but we’ll ditch that plan if it’s hot again. I thought I’d show my grey hair, I’m thinking of growing it out but I’m not sure it’ll look professional enough for work. I think I might go back to the hairdressers when I get home.

It’s lovely being on holiday with our dogs. It’s going to be great to share the house with family and friends and it’ll be ready with spare bedrooms and furniture soon enough. Hence the trip to Emmaus, we’ll look out for some household items. As we basically need everything for three rooms that are currently empty. 

I tried to get them all to pose for you. Dolly Knockers needed to shake. 

We’ve nine more days left for walks, cheap day trips, lolling in the garden, coffee with friends and trying to stay cool. We’ve decided we’re not doing anymore work and we’re just going to enjoy ourselves. 

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxx


16 thoughts on “It’s hot today 

  1. Hi Frugal Queen

    Loving here about your new life experience. You truly are an inspiration.

    Glad to hear you and DB have decided to chilled for the remainder of your holiday. Heavens knows you deserve it.

    Grey hair ….what grey hair, if my grey hair was like yours I’d be well pleased. I tried growing it out at the start of the year. Got to May and gave up. At 52 I felt more like 102 so went back to bottle blonde but think I may get it streaked to allow the grey to gently come through …..if it can ever do such a thing. For the little you have, are you sure it’s not just builders dust?

    Enjoy the rest of your vacancies.



  2. You both work so hard you deserve a day or too off. In grew my grey out and it took about a year, I am so happy I did I also got my long hair cut short once almost all the grey was out and I love it.


  3. Ooh the silver highlights suit you! Perseverance is key though if you decide to grow your colour out. Think Helen Mirren, Anna Ford, etc, all look great. Go with what you feel is right for you.


  4. Chiming in from the USA for the first time. Gray hair is lovely. I am gray too. So out of style here but I refuse to change! Enjoy your vacation! You both deserve time off now after all you have accomplished!


  5. Nine days of vacation sounds lovely. You have the place fairly comfortable now, and have lots of time to work on the rest. Too much work and you won’t want to go back to working at school when it comes around. I think you’ve done a ton of work already!!


  6. Grey roots may not look professional, but all-grey hair gives you gravitas. If you are not sure, why not switch to a semi permanent in the same shade as your current colour and ease yourself into it. And you would save hundreds not to mention the hassle


  7. I love your cute dogs, they always look so clean, like they have just had a bath! Cute little faces they have. Glad you are getting some holiday time, you have worked so hard. Enjoy the next nine days.


  8. Stumbled on your blog by accident and have just had a quick read through of some previous posts. Well done you! You have made a huge difference in such a short time. Your French neighbours must be very pleased to have you next door. Good luck with the rest of your renovations.

    As for the grey hair thing, I would tell your hairdresser your intentions and let him/her guide you on the best way to do it. Grey hair is not aging or unprofessional – I never bothered to colour mine even though I started to go grey quite early. And of course, one saves time as well as money.

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  9. Oh the fluffies are so cute. 🙂 The house is really coming along. I am glad you are having a little rest before the year begins. I let my gray grow out before it was in style. My Hair dresser just added gray high lights to the longer part. I never had so many complements in my life. They asked do you have a new hair style. Why yes I do. Oh I just love it! However you need to do what makes you feel good. They do have that wash out hair rinse at the beauty supply that you put on after you wash your hair, to cover Gray . Mine was in a gray bottle with a pink lid. Enjoy the rest of your time off.


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