Now we are on holiday

Hello Dear Reader,

Nothing much to report as we’ve done very little. I shuffled the furniture around to make more space and to ash the floor. One of the things I love about this house is that it’s entirely tiled downstairs, a quick sweep and mop and the whole place is freshened up. 

So after a bit of cleaning and hanging out the washing, the day was ours to just relax in the garden. It’s been too hot for walking or going anywhere so we’ve just relaxed at home. 

We spent the day chasing the shade as the sun passed overhead, we’d move the chairs and the parasol for the fluffies. They love just following us but we have to keep their leads on them as they would chase the feral cats if they had the chance.

They don’t mind as they don’t go far from us. They’ve been to France with us on three trips now and I can never imagine traveling without them again.

So this has been my day, reading in the sun with the fluffies trying not to get burnt. 

We’ve no plans to do much but when it’s cooler, we’ll be out and about walking again.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxx


6 thoughts on “Now we are on holiday

  1. Hello! Your day sounds perfect Every photo of your house shows it’s emerging beauty. The floors look great, I’m a bit envious in fact. We have floors that need redoing, and tile would probably be the best choice. I made whole wheat bread today, a loaf and buns. We had amazing rain again, and my tomatoes out in the garden are producing buckets full —-I’d love to share them if possible. ttfn


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