I’m sat downstairs 

Hello Dear Reader,

We’ve now called a halt to any further work for the long weekend. We’re now on holiday for a few days. We need to get our energy back. I’ll have a walk and an early night after this very long day.

This morning, we moved down stairs. We have a bedroom and a bathroom on the top floor and open plan living downstairs. The place is habitable but far from finished. I have a big functioning kitchen and I’m looking forward to some proper cooking.

Our friend John came round today and installed a shower and toilet. The previous toilet was cracked and was ready to fall apart. The shower was a tiny leaky hose with a nozzle the size of a box of tic tacs which we had to hold over our heads. It felt like we were camping……in the 1970s!

DB built the stairs, there’s a hole and the stairs are in. It’s such a relief to be able to use the house. It’s no longer a house and a studio flat but an entire house. 

In total, we’ve lived in the house for six weeks. Even though it’s no where near finished, I think we’ve come a long way. I’ve had a lovely soak in the shower, I’m sat on a sofa in my living room with a fluffy dog and I’m feeling very spoilt by my extremely hardworking husband. 

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxx


12 thoughts on “I’m sat downstairs 

  1. Wow everything is looking great – all the nice new stuff in an older well built house — the walls look quite thick. I really enjoy reading about your progress and day-to-day living in Francee.


  2. Congrats! Stairs are lovely! Everything looks very good. I know you will enjoy this well earned rest. When converting our warehouse we picked a project mainly by priority and did nothing else until it was finished. This summer we’ve built a greenhouse, put in french drains so our yard & shop don’t flood when a downpour occurs, leveled the courtyard/yard and built gardening boxes.
    We have 25 ft x 150 ft courtyard between our two buildings that we’re turning into a garden. It’s mostly been grass & weeds for several years since starting this journey. We’ve been sourcing free topsoil, gravel, and lumber for years to make this garden plan work ( yeah craigslist). My husband found an old county salt truck (dump truck) that was $500 and didn’t run. He repaired everything that needed fixing plus put new brakes on in 2 weekends, and we’ve been able to haul materials, rocks, dirt, etc…
    This weekend he brought home an old scissor lift he will repair so we can put up gutters on our building to collect rain water. Depending on how much rain is collected, we may put in a cistern. Ideally we won’t have to pay a water bill anymore. The scissor lift will be sold after everything is finished. The dump truck will also be sold after he paints it. So essentially just hard work and a few parts will will pay for the garden, then we’ll get a lot more back than was spent when the equipment is sold.
    This winter hopefully we can get the inside finished. We still need to stain and install door moldings and baseboards (which we bought years ago on close-out at home depot). There is an office area that needs carpet or flooring, and the kitchen sink cabinet needs to be rebuilt. Last year we put in a beautiful wood stove that a new owner was removing from a house. Most of the items we’ve needed have been from Craigslist, ebay or friends cleaning out their garages/shops.
    There are so many items that can be obtained 2nd hand. It just makes sense & cents to look around. I keep a list of things we’re looking for and check regularly. The main thing I learned while living in Egypt is that America is a vastly rich place, and we waste far too much; the poorest American is rich compared to the regular Egyptian. I watched local boys going through the expats garbage everyday there, and anything use-able, fixable or cleanable was taken, after they aske first (That always blew me away). Well, I’ve written you a letter tonight! Thank you for always taking the time to write to us. ttfn

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  3. Hi – I enjoy reading about your renovations. Like a more down-to-earth version of those TV interiors shows – you know the ones where they throw a shedload of money at a house. Your pictures show hard work and careful spending is just as good, though obvs. totally exhausting. Hope you get to have some peaceful days in your new home, making quilts and enjoying the odd glass of vino. Salut! Valerie


  4. Well done! I think it’s called deferred gratification! You’ll get there in the end, smug in the thought of all your own hard work and saved pennies. It’s more fun doing it the hard way! Keep up the blog, I enjoy reading it. I have one small criticism, I’m from Cornwall too and I can’t imagine being somewhere else. However, I’ve not been to Brittany so one day, if we do venture to Brittany, we might discover the attraction too.

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  5. Fantastic amount of work you have done with thrift and forethought.

    Lovely to see you getting to your goal, little hard steps by little hard planned steps.

    Enjoy your few days of summer relaxation to be ready and refreshed for some more hard graft…..but then you do have a picture in your mind which helps you keep going doesn’t it 🙂

    Thanks for all your blog posts which make for inspirational reading.

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  6. Gosh you’ve achieved so much in a short time, I do admire people who seem to be able to get things done! Me and my husband are ok at DIY but we know our limits. You must be so proud of your French home.


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