Doing it together, ourselves

Hello Dear Reader,

We’re back to work today. We get so dirty every day, our clothes get so dirty and the flat gets so dirty. I have to clean the flat and our clothes everyday. Fortunately it’s been dry and windy today which is great for cleaning and laundry.

DB had to go to the Brico for glue and chisels and then spent the rest of the day assembling the stairs after previously cutting everything to fit. Each tread has to be glued and screwed. We want these to be safe. Once they are in and being used, we don’t want to have to do this again.

We took another window out of its  frame today and it’s been sanded and painted.

The paint takes so long to dry, that even though it feels dry, we can’t close the windows just yet. Instead, we close the shutters. 

Initially we looked into getting a builder out to do the work we’re doing ourselves and the cost would have been thousands. We’re working hard but we get great satisfaction from saving money and it’s actually quite relaxing. We end each day early enough to cook supper together and take time to have a glass of wine in the garden. It’s beginning to feel like we’re getting somewhere. 

Working like this is slow as we are learning whilst we work, we make mistakes, take time to put them right and work at a pace that suits us. DB wants to finish the stairs and join the second and third floor, I want to paint all the windows and have the guest bedroom completely painted. In between, we garden/tame the wild and of course take time out with our dogs.

We’ll just plod on together and we will get there eventually.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs 


9 thoughts on “Doing it together, ourselves

  1. I think it’s great to do this together. You will remember this time as something really special. I love the things you are sharing. Off to Plymouth on Monday, will think of you as usual when I go over the bridge to sleep.xx


  2. You will get there in the end for sure. I know you are both the sort to keep each other going through thick and thin. Good luck. Looking forward to seeing the progress.


  3. Really so impressed with what you are doing, the stairs look fab! As long as you are enjoying it, it really doesn’t matter how long it take, well that’s what I think! You will have the satisfaction of a job very well done!


  4. How fantastic Froogs, you have really made some amazing progress. It reminds of that saying “You can eat an elephant! Just one mouthful at a time” I think the pleasure you get from doing it yourselves is immeasurable. Have a wonderful day.


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