A perfect day off

Hello Dear Reader,

We took the day off today. 
Here’s our perfect day. Huelgoat forest, with the huge stones, the river and shaded parhways.

River and stones.

Handsome husband in the forest.

Me in the forest.

Arthur’s cave. He got around did old arthur!

Sandy river bed. I’d loved to have paddled.

Fantastic cafés in the forest L’autre rive café. It’s a bookshop and café, very eclectic and attracts a very alternative crowd. People sitting chatting and knitting, families with their children playing amongst the garden sculptures.

Shaded and relaxed, it was a welcome sight after a long walk through the forest.

Just a lovely way to pass an hour.

Café gourmand – yogurt with honey, tiny cake, chunk of chocolate, ice cream and a coffee for 5€ – a lovely little treat.

I can’t recommend this little café highly enough. 

We walked back to Huelgoat via the forest. 

In Carhaix-Plouguer today, we went to the organic cooperative. I bought a few gluten free products as the local supermarket didn’t have a great choice. For dinner tonight, we had a vegan Buddha bowl, with tofu, advocado, beetroot, grated carrot, sweet potato, lambs lettuce, alfalfa and quinoa with a dollop of hummus. 


Huelgoat had a bike race, well lots of races for different age groups and abilities. They shut the roads for sporting events in France and take local events like this very seriously.

The bio cooperative in Carhaix is still quite alternative where vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, dairy free types of food are common in all British supermarkets. I’m not sure it would be easy to be a vegan in France or to find food that’s spicy or thought of as ‘foreign’ and farm stores like this offer some great alternatives. It was very expensive and I just bought a few bits to have something different. We loved the smoked tofu and alfalfa sprouts.

I thought I’d share how cheap bread is. 30 centimes for a baguette.

The supermarket are constantly baking to keep up with demand.

It’s a shame I can’t eat it.

We have a late night here, it’s a party week here and a fireworks display tonight over the lake. 

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxxxx


9 thoughts on “A perfect day off

  1. Really looks lovely. The thought of walking in that forest so inviting and to end with a good cup of coffee and chocolate is the icing on the cake. Also my perfect day out. You both deserve that after all your hard work.
    The budda bowls look delicious i also have severe ibs and can definately not have onions garlic and lots of dairy. Sometimes i can get away with french bread but it means taking a tablet. Sometimes its worth it as long as youre in your own home so i know how you feel. Happy holidays both of you. X


  2. The only place around here to buy ‘Taifun’ tofu is Waitrose, and it costs a lot more than where you are. Try their ‘hot dog’ sausages, they’re good!


  3. What a beautiful landscape! Also nice to see all the vegan options 🙂 I think I’ve seen some of the tofu in Sweden as well, but not as many varieties 🙂


  4. I know it would make you ill- but don’t those baguettes tempt you just a little? I would be a lousy gluten free person – good fresh bread and some strong cheese or fresh butter to accompany it and I could make it a meal.


  5. It looks really peaceful in the woods and very beautiful, i noticed yesterday in leclerc in Laval there were lots of gluten free products so you may have more choice in big cities


  6. I recognise the tofu. We buy the smoked tofu regularly from our excellent Unicorn cooperative shop in South Manchester. Price £2.49 but a little goes quite a long way in sandwiches.


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