Easy going renovations 

Hello Dear Reader,

Random pictures. The back of the house, walking on old planks as we are yet to dig out a path. We’ll try and find the local quarry, borrow the trailer, many thanks to the dear reader who’s offered to loan us theirs and go and pick up some gravel to make some paths. In the meantime, I have lots of digging to do.

Steps up to the apartment. It won’t b separate for much longer.

One of the sheds, this one under the stairs the apartment.

Log shed, or should I say rest home for Brittany’s largest spiders!

More logs, old crates and boxes to go to the tip.

Painted window frames back in the window. Paint is taking an age to dry as it’s so humid.

DB’s work area, he’s cut all the stair treads and risers to fit. Tomorrow, we’ll buy some glue and they’ll be screwed together.

Front window, frame painted and the windows with wet paint are drying.

Painted windows drying.

Laundry, trying to dry with a radiator. It just stays damp as the moisture just hangs in the air.

It’s cooler now, so I’m off outside to dig some more.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxx


3 thoughts on “Easy going renovations 

  1. It’s the only way to do things and stay sane and not totally wiped out, especially in humid weather conditions, plod slowly forward with the jobs and keep planning ahead for others.

    Will you be leaving the outside stairs to the flat to act as a fire escape? (And that shed under them is no doubt very useful (for you and even more spiders).


  2. You are both doing an amazing job and its great that you find time to keep us updated of the progress.I hope you realize how many people you inspire to get on and get something done no matter what the job is. Me and DB have spent three years tackling a very over grown allotment but today we stood back and admired our efforts and progress plus an ever growing bounty of runner beans. It is hard work but rewarding.


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