Stairway to the third floor

Hello Dear Reader,

Downstairs is done! We now have to link the second floor to the third which is currently an independent studio flat. The top of the stairs on the second floor, which is currently an open plan mezzanine will stay that way and will become my sewing area. We have a stair kit which we are adapting to fit between the beams. Our Cornish cottage has non standard size narrow winding stairs so these will make us feel right at home. 

We have to make each stair tread and riser narrower to fit the gap as well as reducing the size of the turn at the bottom. We’ve offered them up just to check for fit and we might take a couple of millimetres off each tread again. We’re learning as we’re doing it.

Now the window frames in the guest room have had two coats of paint and I’ve lightly sanded between each coat so they are smooth. I’ve also sanded and put a coat of paint on the skirting boards. We’ve also removed the Lino that was harbouring damp and was starting to perish. I’ll leave it as bare concrete until next year when I shall tile the floor. It’s slow progress when we’re doing it ourselves. 

Finally, we went to visit the loveliest reader yesterday and I was delighted to be given some kitchen tools and a potato masher. I’m ever so grateful as we couldn’t find one anywhere. I also use it for mashing chickpeas when I make falafels.

Whilst we’ve worked we’ve listened to Five live on medium wave and caught up with the olympics which is really atmospheric on the radio. 

The weather has warmed up again and my dogs are having very slow walks. We’re having plenty of deckchair in the garden time too.

Until tomorrow,


11 thoughts on “Stairway to the third floor

  1. Your rehab.reno adventure sure is plenty of work. I love your line ‘learning as we’re doing it’. If more people did that, the world would be a prettier, better place. Many people don’t even try. I live in an older neighborhood of 1920’s craftsman style homes. At the age they are, most need work. It makes me rather crazy that owners aren’t interested in banding together to work on their homes. We are like you, always working on a project. Often its with salvaged parts, but paint works wonders. I’m very happy for you two, who know how to obtain the life you want. For most of us, hard work is the path, and many haven’t a clue. p.s. Its turning out fantastic so far!


  2. I love watching this happen for you. We have similar dreams for a place on a lake in my home state. Thanks for sharing your journey. It makes me yearn to see your little part of France.


  3. It’s been lovely to watch your progress. It reminds me of us when we first bought this house …. although we didn’t have to build a staircase 😉


  4. Hi, we had an old concrete floor in a room which became my utility room. The floor was continually dusty from the concrete, until we finally painted it with floor paint specially for concrete floors. The paint did flake after a bit but it was much better than the dust. The paint was a welcome stopgap until we tiled the floor. Just thought I would share our experience .


  5. Enjoying seeing someone else doing renovations too…but you are making fabulous progress, ours seems s l o w by comparison 😉
    Re your concrete floor..have you thought of painting (maybe add a stencil border with your creative abilities) then sealing. We have sealed one of our chalets …so you can see the cracks and age marks, even some paint splatters adds character. Ive seen it done with animal prints stenciled randomly & another with local wildlife animal tracks – each species was a different tone on the same colour. Or you can add feature to the clear sealer such as tiny glass flat seeds or pearls ( fake of course) I even heard of one done with opal chips that were very real! Good work both of you ☺


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