Pardon me?

Hello Dear Reader,

A day in Huelgoat. I’ve sanded window window frames and painted a first coat on two windows and their frames. I’ve done so more gardening, more greenery has been taken to the dechetterie.

The little sofas are in the lounge with cushions and they’re actually really comfortable. 

DB went to buy the toilet and shower and we’ll just add that to his list of jobs to do in our time in France. 

DB has his chop saw set up and ready to go. The posts are so we can make a fence for the fluffies so they can run around the garden. He’ll also start to make the stairs that’ll join the house to the top floor apartment to link the entire house.

We are besieged by feral cats, they look cute but they are not in good condition and I don’t fancy their chances.

Poor little kitties both have gummy eyes and snotty noses that say cat flu and they won’t make it. There are so many street cats around here that they tumble around like furry weeds. I’ve contacted a local animal charity but a local lady is feeding them and I’m not sure if they are here wild kitties or not. 

It’s our village pardon this week. That’s a week long celebrations, there’s a fayre, street celebrations, mass in Breton, fireworks, Cochon grilleé, fez noz and tonight we joined the locals at one of the bars and met up with friends and laughed until our faces ached.

It’s ten thirty and the fun fair is drawing teens from everywhere and they’re having a great time. It was bright and colourful and not my cup of tea and I can hear it even though I’m home after a couple of drinks. It’s lovely to hear Huelgoat having a great time. Bonne pardon xxx

Until tomorrow,à demain,

Froogs xxxx


6 thoughts on “Pardon me?

  1. Poor feral cats. Our cat was feral – they make very loyal pets if only people would do more to help them. I wonder if they do the TNR scheme over there?


  2. Lovely photo of you and DB Froogs, and delighted for you with your renovations. You deserve every bit of joy it brings you 🙂



  3. What a week to enjoy. A roller skating rink was built across the road from my home. Our home constantly boomed. One night or two is okay though. Enjoy yourself.


  4. The photo of you & DB is lovely; you look relaxed, healthy and happy. For our village fete is held opposite our house and is too loud for us to be happy that people are having a good time!! We usually go away for the Saturday night.


  5. Oh the poor kitties:( Both of our kitties were feral and have made such loyal sweet cats. They
    had no disease. There mama was just under fed. They are such a nice help for rodents
    and spiders. Oh I do hope they get a chance. Sometimes they just need some TLC and they become very healthy. A vet came out and helped sometimes they even have charities that help.
    Wow your place is really coming along. It is looking so lovely.


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