Spending as little as possible!


Hello Dear Reader,

It was so lovely to meet you both today and the fluffies loved the cuddles, come and see us any time xxx 

We’ve assembled the I-soddin’-kea sofas today. They are a comfy stop-gap that should last us a couple of years, then they will be bedroom sofas. They were cheap, came flat packed in boxes and have washable covers. 

I made the cushions with leftover fabric from making curtains and blinds at home, the cushion pads were £1.85 each. The old French phone, which work perfectly and has a wonderful ring was €5 and came from Ti-recup, the recycling centre.

The side board was £21 from eBay, the table and six chairs about £120 from eBay, oak and almost new and never used by its previous owners. The bulkhead light under the stairs was about £6, the lamp was €4 and the 2 metre long piece of wax cloth was under £10.

Lunch, well we did push the boat out here. All French, except the Spanish melon. The packs of remoulade, carrotte rapé and beetroot (each pack was 80 centimes) lasts for several meals. The garlic sausage, which looks like a chunk of salami when you buy it was €1 and will slice into about twenty slices, ham was 40 centimes a slice. Tomatoes were on offer as was the melon at a euro each. The cheese, Coulommiers was just over a euro for 350g. When here, it’s cheap to eat seasonally and there are good offers. I shopped at Super-U which was a lot cheaper than some stores.

Dinner tonight? I’ve brought food with me too. It’s difficult to find stir fry sauce or stir fry vegetables and I like to cook quick and easy food sometimes. Frozen chicken breasts, frozen stir fry vegetables and a jar of sweet and sour sauce, all from Aldi. I bring a chiller box full of frozen food with me and get it straight into the freezer. It all helps my budget.

It’s not that I’m trying to save money, I just try and buy second hand whenever I can and the flat pack sofas were €80 each, which about what you can pay for garden furniture. 

Talking of gardens, we’ve chopped away at more of the laurel hedge that had encroached on the garden and then came in to shelter from the rain. The sun is set to return tomorrow.

So, there’s my day. 

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs 


6 thoughts on “Spending as little as possible!

  1. I was thinking of getting a couple of those Ikea sofas as minor seats to another big one. Are they comfy? In the shop, they were ok to sit on, and washable!!


  2. I love Ikea. Everything I ever bought from them has always been of excellent quality. The leather sofa I got there 12 years ago for Paris is still as good as new and that’s the only one we use here; I paid under 400 Euros for it ! Your house is really starting to become comfy; worth the hard work, but then everything always is, isn’t it ?


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