Lessons I’ve learned today 

Hello Dear Reader,

We went to Carhaix Plouguer again today and thank goodness our Orange Live Box had finally been delivered to our collection point at the local launderette. We’ve formed quite an attachment to the place. That should mean a working phone and Internet. Mobile internet is very patchy and way too expensive for my liking. 

So what have I learned? If a delivery in France says five days, it means seven working days. Don’t count that day, they won’t deliver it that day, then count five working days, not including all the days the deliveries don’t deliver and all the days the launderette doesn’t open. Oh, in France, if something is open Saturdays then it’ll be closed Mondays. We got it in the end. Lesson #1 be patient, if the French say they’ll do it, they’ll do it.

Second thing I’ve learned today, shops don’t have toilets. A massive inconvenience if you have IBS, didn’t even get into Mr Bricolage today. Instead, I remembered a Mac-Do nearby, they have toilets and free wi-fi. Lesson #2 never go shopping unless I’ve fasted just in case I need to **** as you can never rely on finding a toilet. On the other hand, Mac-Do always have a clean toilet. Mind you, the Mc Flurry was €4 and is a quid at home! But we got as much wi-if as we could and I got my money’s worth out of the toilet. 

Next lesson, I found Ti- recup in Carhaix. A massive recycling centre. If you go to the dechetterie/recycling centre and dispose of anything, if it’s too good to throw away, it goes to Ti-recup. Furniture costs around €30 for big items, and I bought a lamp for €4 and a casserole dish for 50 centimes. I shall go each time I’m passing as I’m sure I’ll find useful things there for very little cost. The lampshade is a bit stained on one side, but I’ll just turn that side to the wall and  no one will know. 

Lesson #3, the French are really good at recycling.

Just another picture of the recycling centre.

Supper. I might be in the land of gastronomy, of lovely food but we are still on a budget. At home, we have an ‘on toast’ night and usually a ‘with chips’ night. Tonight, egg, chips and beans. 

My last lesson I’ve learned that I already know anyway, I’m not a food snob and I love a plate of homemade chips.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxx


16 thoughts on “Lessons I’ve learned today 

  1. ive actually glued fabric over an original lampshade to hide stains or if you can get away with sticking something over the stain like ribbon


  2. Over Christmas my favourite meal is on Boxing Day when we have turkey, left over trimmings and proper homemade chips and left over gravy


  3. I bought a lampshade from a car boot for 50p for my son at Uni. It was stained as well and we turned it round just like you are thinking of doing.
    . After he came home he brought it back with him and I thought of cleaning it with soap and water. The way I saw it- for 50p- there was nothing to lose. It came up a treat and is now in my dinning room.


  4. Thank goodness for Macdonalds – useful for something, toilets! In the one near Pisa rail station there is a door person who collects the money you pay before you enter. I never mind paying, am always pleased to find a public loo. Few and far between abroad. Change of subject I love chips!


  5. I understand about IBS. My poor mum has quite a time and I have a different problem. We need to know where the loos are. Thank goodness you remembered McD’s. The free internet is a bonus and one I do use as I run my internet from my mobile. It costs me $40 (AUS) for 28 days and has slashed about $90 on my costs.

    I have never liked baked beans and have to admit I know I am losing out on a cheap, excellent food source.


  6. And me also, Suzan–I have learned to eat lentils and black beans and a couple others, but baked beans are not for me. I make them from scratch for my husband and freeze them. Just don’t ask me to taste them.

    Take my daughter shopping with you–she has the smallest bladder in the history of the world, and knows where ALL the toilets are in this area, and which are nicest as well! McD gets lots of that, and they don’t even seem to care. I don’t even buy something every time as I used to. When I lived in the UK, I was happy to spend a penny for the privilege–my daughters were small and we did a lot of walking to get the shopping.

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  7. Nice job finding the recycle home goods center! First thing I saw were all the dishes on the ikea end tables! Any luck finding a potato masher?


  8. hi! Persons with intestinal conditions can carry a card, so they can use the staff amenities. Maybe worth looking into for France too? Bon chance! R.


  9. Yes rural French towns are deserts when it comes to public toilets. Our new very large supermarket has no public toilets. Our local Lidl at the other end of town has toilets the public can use. They are through the unmarked staff only door and you only have to ask to use them. I’m sure you’ll quickly learn how to ask in French Froogs!


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