Bloomin’ awful outside

Hello Dear Reader,

It’s a wet old day here in Huelgoat, we’ve worked in the house and then I went shopping in Pleyber Christ, a nearby village with a big supermarket that’s really cheaper than others. I’m still fact finding when it comes to food as to what’s affordable and what’s not. This supermarket had offers and I bought those, tomatoes under a euro a kilo, cheaper galettes with six for the price of four, melons for a euro each. Cleaning products were cheap and I stocked up laundry liquid as our clothes get filthy with the work we’re doing. We still shop with a list and I still have a rough meal plan. Toast or yogurt and fruit for breakfast, filled galette with salad for lunch and proper evening meal

Tonight, I made a fish pie with frozen pollock, that’s cheap here too, Bien Vu is the supermarkets bargain brand and I bought that and mixed frozen veg. 

I did buy a bunch of parsley for 99c and will freeze what I don’t use. I finely chopped some parsley. Then made a bechamel sauce with melted butter, two heaped tablespoons of cornflour and 300ml of milk. I added some nutmeg powder at the end. I then poured the parsley sauce over some pollock that I’d defrosted and cut into chunks and topped it with mashed potato and a sprinkle of cheese and black pepper.

As we’re camping on the top floor in what is currently a studio flat, I’m making do with a one ringed hob and a mini oven. I’m having to cook one thing, then keep it warm in the oven whilst I cook something else. I enjoy using a mini oven and it saves so much money as it uses a fraction of the electricity. 

I’m also cooking in little recycled foil dishes as I don’t have any roasting dishes or casserole pots just yet. We’ll try the local emmaus and car boot sales for the bits and bobs that all houses need. One little moan, I can’t find a potato masher anywhere! Mashing a pound of spuds with a fork isn’t easy I can tell you. 

The end result was a buttery crispy delight.

Fishy pie, lots of buttery parsley sauce has certainly warmed us on this murky August day where it’s suddenly become autumnal.

I’ll see you tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxxx


16 thoughts on “Bloomin’ awful outside

  1. Your dinner looks lovely. I always used to bring washing powder back with me from France when i worked out there as it’s always been so much cheaper there.


  2. I think the French might use a potato ricer. Have a look for one of those, they are usually cheap to buy and produce a good result.


  3. Looks and sounds delicious! We could use a cool rainy day here, but it will be a long while before that happens. 104 F here in North Texas today and no rain or clouds in sight.


  4. You should be gathering a good list of cooking tools you’re missing. Time to hit the trunk sales and thrift stores when you’re home


  5. Rather than a masher you might find a grinder thingy, I think they’re called a ricer, basically 3 legs a hole in the middle and sloping sides on top. you put a round grater plate in the hole in the centre and screw it in with the handle. put in the vegetable turn the handle and the mash falls into the dish you place underneath. They’re used for baby food, and could be by Mouli


  6. When I was a child my mother beat meringues with a table fork in an oval vegetable dish. I learned to do that too, so keep looking for a bigger fork!!


  7. The potato masher maybe a different shape I France, sort of a wave made of thick wire. I did not see the English shape one until I came to UK.


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