We’re the young ones

Hello Dear Reader,

A productive day. We started off as tourists and walked around the lake which was a great four kilometre walk, the dogs loved it too. We passed the municipal campsite and there were vans and cars from all over Europe and plenty of Brits. It looks a lovely campsite just the other side of the lake and this area is fantastic for walking. 

In the photo above you can see where we’ve cut back the laurel hedge and I’ve pulled the ivy off the ground that’d spread like a tangled mat.

Today, DB has fitted the kick boards and has two more wall cupboards up. I’ve painted the wall behind the wood burner and some of the lounge ceiling.

I’ve cleared the path at the side of the house, we now need to borrow a trailer and go the the local quarry to get some gravel for the path.

I’ve cut all the ivy back from the bottom of the shared garden fence, it was so laden it was making the fence lean over.

This window surround has now been sanded but it started raining before I had time to paint it. This is the before picture and it will soon look so much better.

The down stairs bathroom and loo door have had a coat of paint as have each of the door frames. They were also sanded. I’ve also sanded down the wooden stairs, cooked lunch and dinner, cleaned the flat, washed, hung out, brought in, ironed and put away a load of washing.

I’m loving my holiday as we have so much time to get things done. 

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxxx


5 thoughts on “We’re the young ones

  1. Dogs are such a good way to get you out and about, we should get another it might do us good, we have noticed that there are lots of english and we usually say the brits are here as if we were not brits, you are getting such a lot done and the garden is looking bigger, well done

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  2. Certainly fun watching all the changes and things getting done. I’m very impressed with the sheer volume of work the two of you have put out – amazing!


  3. I love these post froogs, you have both done amazing with the renovations, roll on getting your kitchen upto full cooking speed, i look forward to France’y foodie posts soon 🙂 x


  4. Wow – Froogs and DB – you’re going great guns! It is really interesting and fun to watch how you are transforming the place. You’ve made me want to visit Huelgoat!


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