A great cure for a night out

Hello Dear Reader,

We had a superb night out last night at Le Hôtel du Lac with a local blogging friend and it was such a treat. Poor DB was a bit fragile today and it was a slow day at home. Plenty of protein was needed and a variation on the theme of a Salade Nicoise was just lovely.

Three small potatoes and 100g of topped and tailed skinny green beans, lightly steamed until just cooked.

Four boiled eggs, cut in half. Three spring onions sliced.

A tin of tuna and a bag of salad sprinkled with some salad dressing.

I don’t have anything more than a camp kitchen just yet so simple food is all I can rustle up. All those ingredients are cheap here. A traditional Salade nicoise doesn’t have onion and does have olives, anchovies and tomatoes but I didn’t have those and my cheap version did just fine. Sometimes a few adaptations really don’t matter.

It’s been a beautiful day here, I’ve pottered about, my washing has dried in the sun and I’ve read in the garden. Today was a holiday day and I’ve loved doing next to nothing.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxxx


3 thoughts on “A great cure for a night out

  1. An easy day – good for you. You are on holiday, after all. Please let me know how I can send you a private message. Thanks.


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